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Top 4 Most Mysterious Assassinations

Assassination – Whenever we hear this word, we often think of someone famous being killed like President Lincoln or Kennedy. But there are other assassinations, some you may not know lying just beyond the limelight that have equally baffled people as to why and how they happened. These are the top 4 most mysterious assassinations.

  1. Max Spiers – UFO Hunter

Max Spiers isn't a household name but to the many UFO hunters and conspiracy theorists out there, he's a well-known figure.
Max was a 39-year old father of two who was originally from Canterbury, England. He went on to live in America for several years before moving back to his home country. Spiers was known for a blog he wrote called "Where Truth Meets Heart" where he posted his ideas and thoughts. His primary focus included investigating various UFO sightings and cover-ups conducted by the government. Before his death, he was looking into the lives of well-known political figures in both entertainment and business.
His investigation in the cover-ups and lives of these figures are what his friends and family say got him killed. He was found dead on his sofa just days away from giving a talk about UFO cover ups in Poland. Apparently, Max knew something or someone was out to get him.

  1. Georgi Markov

Born on March 1st, 1929, Georgi Markov was a controversial dissident and writer who defected from Bulgaria during its Communist period. After defecting, Markov worked as a journalist under the BBC World Service, a US funded company where he highly criticized the Bulgarian regime. While living in London, Markov was able to release various plays successfully while also working on his weekly show, where he analyzed life under Communist Bulgaria. In these shows, he was particularly critical of party leader Todo Zhivkov. Suffice it to say, this did not gain him any friends.
On September 7, 1978, Markov was walking across Waterloo Bridge which spans the River Thames. He stopped and waited for the bus that he took to work each day. While waiting, he felt a sharp sting on one of his legs as if a bug had bit him. When he turned around, he saw a man pick up an umbrella and hurriedly head to the side street where he got into a cab. Markov headed to work and examined his leg and told at least one of his colleagues of what had happened.

  1. 18 Witnesses to the JFK Assassination

While the assassination of President JFK himself is among the top stories when it comes to mysterious assassinations, what's even more mysterious is that in just three years after the death of the President, 18 witnesses to the event died.
Six of these people were killed with gunfire; three in car accidents, two people from suicide, one was killed by having their throat slashed while another was killed by a karate chop to the neck. Two others died from natural causes and three suffered heart attacks.
With 200 people actual close enough to witness the event, the likelihood of having 18 of them die within these three years is highly unlikely.
Some of the victims were part of the Warren investigation. The very first person to die linked as a witness was 23-year old Kathryn Kupcinet, the daughter of journalist, Irv Kupcinet. Days before the event, Kathryn placed a call to the Los Angeles police department and she was screaming at the operator that "President Kennedy was going to be killed." Her body was found on November 30, 1963. She was found strangled to death and police found no leads.

  1. Alberto Behar and 74 NASA Scientists

On January 12, 2015, a small plane crash-landed on the streets of Los Angeles shortly after taking off. Operating the plane was Alberto Behar, a NASA scientist working in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory as well as at Arizona State University. Behar was among the scientists who were the first to discover that water once existed on Mars.
Normally, a scientists' death is no cause for suspicion or alarm. But Behar's death marked the 74th case of a prominent scientist dying within just two years. It leads many to believe that perhaps these people knew something that perhaps they shouldn’t and that their deaths were actually executions?
What's odd is that Behar was an expert pilot and instructor. The weather conditions during his flight were clear and he was always a stickler for doing thorough checkups of his plane before takeoff. Despite all this, his plane still lost altitude within minutes of taking off.

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