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Conspiracy theories fascinate us. As humans we're naturally curious, we ask, probe and speculate about everything. But what if all our speculation is true? There are hundreds of conspiracy theories out there; some crazy, some unnerving; but these are the top 5 scary and creepy conspiracy theories we've come across.

  1. Skinwalker Ranch
    Found in Northeast Utah, Skinwalker Ranch is a 480-acre private land that has experienced an enormous amount of UFO and paranormal activity dating back to hundreds of years. The land was once home to the Native American Ute tribe who described the lore of "Skin Walkers" roaming around the area. If you ask them, they will tell you to stay away from the land because it's forbidden and cursed as the path of the skinwalker.

  2. Black Eyed Kids Entering Homes
    Journalist Brian Bethel was sitting in his car and writing a check to his Internet Provider making sure he was on time on his bills. He was engrossed in what he was doing he hardly noticed the two kids standing by his car window. It wasn't until they knocked when he realized they were there. Without thinking, he rolled his window down but an unmistakable feeling of dread soon covered him. But it was too late, the window was down and the boys removed their hoods.

  3. Project Blue Beam
    Project Blue Beam is a unique and very strange conspiracy theory. Believers claim the project involves NASA's attempt at instilling a New Age religion but with the Antichrist at the center of it all.
    The conspiracy first came to light when journalist, Serge Monast put forth the idea. He later published a book titled Project Blue Beam. According to Monast, creating a New Age religion is the only way to create a global dictatorship. He also published the steps that NASA would take to carry out the project.

  4. The Reptilians
    They're sometimes called Draconians, Reptoids or Saurians, but the conspiracy of the Reptilians living amongst us has been around for a very long time.
    First introduced by David Icke, the conspiracy theorist claims reptilians live with us here on Earth. These creatures take control of the Earth by possessing or replacing world leaders and key figures with ample political power. They manipulate human societies to do their bidding. Icke adds that the reptilians drink blood and hail from the Alpha Draconis star system. They can shape shift to look like most people and have built underground bases. He also adds majority of the world leaders we have are, in fact, reptilians. This includes former President George W. Bush and Queen Elizabeth II as well as the rest of the Royal Family. There are also famous actors and performers as well. Icke, a former BBC sports reporter, also claims the Reptilians are responsible for some of the major catastrophe's that happened in the world including the 9/11 attacks and The Holocaust.

  5. RAND Corporation
    Known as the shadowy "think tank" of America, The RAND Corporation and its many dealings is one of the most talked about conspiracy theories in the world today.
    First formed in 1946, RAND was started by five star general, Henry Arnold, who thought America needed a team to keep its technology and weapons well ahead of the rest of the world.
    Standing for Research and Development, RAND, soon attracted the military with its revolutionary proposals. Among their first was the “Preliminary Design of an Experimental World-Circling Spaceship" proposal where essentially, they wanted to put a spaceship/satellite into orbit. From there, it could predict the weather; provide long distance communication and most of all, intimidate the rest of the world.

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