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5 Most Terrifying Urban Legends That Are Actually True
Urban legends are considered works of fiction. But what if there's more to these tales, what if they' actually happened? The next five stories are often shared amongst friends or exchanged with family members, but the difference is that these are not legends at all – these are the 5 most terrifying urban legends that are actually true.

5.) The Legend: Insects in the Brain
The legend plays out similar to the following. My friends cousin Mike went on his dream vacation with his girlfriend all around South America. The place was beautiful, food was great and the people were really friendly. As soon as they got back Mike started feeling a little sick, like he was coming down with a head cold. After coming back from a trip to Peru with her boyfriend, Rochelle Harris, started feeling nauseous, her face was in pain and she started hearing "scratching" noises in her ear. She woke up the next day and noticed fluid had soaked her pillow.

4.) The Legend: The Funhouse Mummy
Children poked at it, they laughed, some shrieked, others just found it fascinating; the mummified corpse at the funhouse was a true star. In real life, the fun house mummy's fate happened to a man named Elmer McCurdy. An outlaw and robber, Elmer was killed in a shootout. He vowed never be taken alive and was killed during the gun duel after stealing $46 worth of money and two jugs of whiskey.

3.) The Legend: High Beams
A woman is driving alone, late at night on a deserted road when out of nowhere, a bright set of high beams tarts flashing her. She slowed down to let the car past but it stayed behind her. After a few moments, they started flipping the high beams on and off and honking at her. While there are instances of killers and rapists hiding in cars throughout history, this one originated in New York City in 1964. An escaped murderer was feeling and actually hid in the back seat of a police car, hoping to kill the officer and then steal his car when he returned.

2.) The Legend: Staten Island's Cropsey
Cropsey, the name may not evoke any special feelings to those who are not familiar with it but for those who have lived on Staten Island, this word is a source of nightmares. According to the myth, Cropsey is Staten Island's personal boogeyman and a story that every child in the area knows about and is frightened of and for good reason. Born as Frank Rushan, Andre Rand was a convicted kidnapper and suspected killer who hunted the children of Staten Island. Rand once worked as a janitor at the Willowbrook State School – a school for mentally disabled children that came under fire for various abuses and the mistreatment of the students.

1.) The Legend: The Baby sitter and The Man Upstairs
"The call is coming from inside the house!" That line, coupled by lights going out, a stranger shrieking and the phone going dead is something that has been exploited and used in various crime TV shows and horror films. In Missouri in 1950, thirteen year old, Janett Christman, was babysitting 3-year old, Gregory Romack. Between 10:30 PM and 1:30 AM, Janett was attacked inside the home. The cops in the area received a phone call of a screaming girl asking for help, before the line got cut off. There was no attendant at the telephone board at the time so they were unable to trace the call.

So there were the 5 Most Terrifying Urban Legends That Are Actually True. Urban legends might seem like nothing but stories. But often there's usually a bit of truth sprinkled somewhere throughout them, which gives you all the more reason to be very afraid the next time you hear one.

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