TOP 5 North American CRYPTIDS CREATURES You Never Knew Existed

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Bigfoot, Nessie, Moth Man. These are just some of the most fascinating and well-known cyptids. There are however many lesser known creatures from all around the world and regardless of wether or not they are real or imagined, have intrigued people for generations. Here are the Top 5 North American Cryptids & Creatures You Never Knew Existed.

  1. The Iliamna Lake Monster

Also dubbed as "Illie" by the locals, the Iliamna Lake Monster is a cryptid that haunts a small southwester Alaskan fishing village. Stories of Illie date back to the natives living near the lake. The Tlingit People refer to a large creature called the "Gonakadet" (onakadet) whose head and tail were like that of a wolf but the body was of an orca. Another group, the Aleut People, also share stories of a monster fish called the "Jig-ik-nak." These monster fish travelled in groups and attacked warriors in their canoes.

  1. Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp

Also called the Lizard Man of Lee County in South Carolina, this cryptid is described as a humanoid creature that stands 7. 2 feet tall, has a bulky build and scaly lizard like skin It has three digits on both its hands and feet and a tail has been reported by some witnesses. The creature is said to have great strength and sightings have been reported in the swamplands and various sewers in the towns around in the area.

  1. The Thunderbird

One of the most enduring cryptids in America, the Thunderbird refers to the cryptozoological bird-like creatures known for their massive size. They're reported to have lived in North America, Alaska and Central America and In Native American Mythologies, a similar type of bird is often discussed. Usually, these are large eagles that are strong and big enough to carry even whales to their nests. Even as pioneers began migrating to the west, the settlers along the way gave reports of seeing extremely large birds.
The legend of the thunderbird itself was born from various tribes settling around the Great Lakes and Pacific Coast. It's said that it was so big that whenever it flapped its wings, thunder would be generated. Lightning would be generated from its eyes and then water would fall from its back to create the rain.

  1. Loveland Frog

Few people, even from cryptid circles have ever even heard of the Ohio based creature known as the Loveland Frog. But if the sightings and reports are to be believed, it could be every bit as real and perplexing as the many other popular cryptids out there.

The Loveland Frog is described as similar to a regular frog except that it’s Much bigger, roughly the size of smaller grown man and it can walk upright. Legends about it have been around since before Loveland, Ohio even existed. During the 17th century, the native Twightwee people who lived in in the area of what is now the Little Miami River spoke to French explorers of a legendary river demon called Shawnahooc.

  1. Champy of Lake Champlain

We all know about Nessie but have you heard about Champy? Champ or Champy is the name given to the monster residing in Lake Champlain. This freshwater lake is one of the deepest in North America and shares its waters with New York, Vermont and parts of Quebec.

For years, the legend of Champy has grown and today there’s been hundreds of sightings of this elusive creature. Stories can be traced back to the Native American tribes like the Abenaki who referred to the creature as "Tatoskok."

One of the first sightings of Champ came from Captain Crum. It was a Thursday morning in July 0f 1819 in Bulwagga Bay when he said he caught site of a black monster. He said it measured about 187 feet long with a red band around its neck. In 1874, another witness said the size of the monster he saw was around 23-35 feet long and described it as an "enormous snake or water serpent." By the 1900, reported sightings of Champy escalated and to that point there were about 600 people who had come forward claiming to have spotted the beast.


Cryptids can seem like far fetched legendary tales, but the stories appear to originate from genuine experinces. With so many witnesses over the years, these could just be one of the many mysteries of the world that we simply don’t understand.

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