Crowdfunding Campaign for Our Weekly Fruits Program || Part 53 ||


Hello Supporters of @SchoolForSDG4,

So you can see we are more than 1 year old with our weekly fruits program posts here as it is Part 53. But I am sure we have more videos, pictures of our last 3 years weekly fruits program and I will probably try to recover my old PC. We are sharing our weekly fruits program here for around 2 years to raise fund for our slum kids on @steemit.


As always it's @Azizbd going to share our last weekly fruits program we arranged on 2 July 2019. It was a lovely sunny day and kids were happy to enjoy the fruits program. But as it is summer, a very hot day at school and we were not able to manage the ceiling fan for the other room. But it is fixed now after repairing the existing one. It was the second time we had to repair it.

We arrange apple for the kids last week. We find it in the market all over the year. Sometimes at a higher price and sometimes it is a good price for us. Tomorrow we are going to arrange another fruits program but we can't miss to share our last one with you.

You can read more about the project from @Fundition platform if you click here


@SchoolForSDG4 received 1200 NEOXAG donation from @R2cornell. Thanks to @neoxian for the amazing initiative. Also as it is an open platform like PAL, We will be using neoxian tag to get funding through and get some attention. All the neoxag tokens are in stake to curate post under #neoxian tag.

Also, we received 509 Pal coin and 509 steemleo tokens and they were staked to curate posts. All you can see the school transaction activity here. . We were also receiving 1 PAL every day from @MSP-Active as a donation, We appreciate it. Thanks to @minnowsupport project and all the team.

We also got 100 DTC from @Dtube airdrop so far I believe. But I am not sure about it. I will try to investigate. A lot of opportunities but it still looks we can't fundraise for our kids fully here. But I am trying to grow the social business project @SocialBot and I am sure it will go a long way.

School For SDG4

A School For Social and Educational Development of Underprivileged Children

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My automatic did not carry over, possibly because it initiated from dtube. So I made the change to upvote the way it should have gone.

So many things in the works. Let us hope things continue to grow for @schoolforsdg4.


It made me happy how it worked with after your action. I am sure we will have some good support from other projects like #steemleo #sct and so on.
I also received your kind donation for the school. It means a lot to kids. We always want to see the kids are strong, active and attentive. I will try to wait a few days and if any positive trend we see for steem withdrawal.

As far as I understand it, the DTube tokens are in a test phase for this whole month, and will be "real" after the test period, at which point you can trade them on Steem-Engine and the like.

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Thank you for your information @phoenixwren , Yes I have read some points from their blog post and was not sure. I have seen school got 100 DTC. I tried yesterday and deleted 300+ MB caches from browser to see claim button for school. But it didn't work so I thought school already received the airdrop. I will try to learn more and will register my name as well with dtube chain. Thank you for all kind help you do for the kids and people on steemit.

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Cool man we shoudl organzie thsi sort of post withs teem in SCHOOLS in ONE mega master post or tribe i imagien a steemspeak tribe for scotbot steem engien for EVERY schoolon earth one day! untill then we can start witha STEEM SCHOOSL @steemschools scotbot site for students who WILl need their own site! its primary busines model can be hrough donations and volunteers as peopel in schooslhave all thsi teima dn many peopel already are paid to adminstrate and coudl sue steem as teh perfect tool to keep track of eveyrone , they can hold a copy of student keys and studenst are feree to make personal accounts and school accounst can be seperate incase peoepl worry about schools having acces to teh students money... teachers or clasrooms can ahve accounta and beenficiary rewrads on steempeak.comc an be set to them or teh school istelf can collect a percentage on teh teachers and students posst to fund teh school and field trips etc ....

remind sme of tyeh work @mcsamm @kofpato @emmanueloppong and @steemgh were doing

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I remember the advice I got from @Acidyo, he was wishing that one day kids will have steem accounts and maybe we can keep some fund in their wallet so they can use later for education or for maybe other things. I am happy to see you think about similar things. But maybe it is not possible here when I myself work with risk, holding crypto is not legal here and I can't deal with it publicly. Also even if I create accounts for them, it will be a big problem. I don't know where the kids will go, many of them already left school without any notice. They come here in the city and leave when can't continue here and look for other cities.

I am happy with my earning from @Azizbd . I am not taking any beneficiary rewards from the school account. People give upvotes as it is going for kids education, but I am also raising fund or earning or getting support ( whatever we say) from my personal account. So I have some good support from many followers for my work and content I share. I will also be happy to chat with you for more details discussion. My discord username #azizbd2850 . You can also check another project belongs to me @WomenEmpowerment but it is working with the mother of these children. I will check the projects you mentioned above. Thanks for your resteem and support

Hello @azizbd . This account, @schoolforsdg4, has been receiving votes from @msp-foundation via the @we-are (blog at @we-are-one) community bot system for awhile now.
I have decided to give @schoolforsdg4 a regular small donation of STEEM from @msp-foundation too. This will last for until the end of July 2020.

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Hello @eturnerx , This is really a kind action. I am glad to see how @We-are community is me and my projects. I noticed the support and I was not aware of that it is supporting via msp-foundition. Thanks for your support.

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I see that you are a human rights activist and humanitarian. A great initiative here 🙏🏽

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Thank you very much

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