Comprehensive Blockchain Social Media Platforms Review IV | EP#198

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Hey everyone,
This is my fourth comprehensive review of blockchain social media platforms meant to give you the most thorough resource and reference for finding the next best platforms to use!

This will be covering new platforms not covered in the previous as well as re-review any applications or websites that weren’t quite to par but weren’t awful. I will very briefly double-check the awful ones and either add them here if they’ve improved or not include them given, they were in the last one and you don’t need to see the same thing twice.

I’ve made a few changes to the template and re-reviewed most of the platforms I previously looked at, made tons of updates, as well as looking at some new platforms. I reviewed just over 100 platforms in total.

In the video itself, I go through some of the main recommendations I give and the platforms that I am currently using. I only go through some brief examples of ones not recommended for sake of time and to give some insight as to how I came to my decisions.

One last thing before starting is that I’d like to state my bias. I will look unfavorably on websites that require too much verification like requiring you verify your phone to even browse the platform (several platforms failed to verify mine), require you to spend crypto on every interaction, require Facebook or Google to sign up, websites that are overly centralized, websites that claim to use blockchain but don’t, and most EOS platforms given the challenge it is to use them and all the extra extensions and programs needed that make it almost unusable for mobile. Note that I have included several EOS platforms in the not recommended as I still did go and try them.

I’d also like to state that in a few cases now, I’ve been historically correct with what will or won’t succeed. I said Hyperspace won’t last because they require post-approval, phone verification to earn when they couldn’t verify a Canadian number, and they lacked features. They just recently shut down.

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Just waiting for your channel to explode. If it wasn't for it I would still be confused about good decentralized social media alternatives.

Right now i'm only on Minds and Steemit. I was on Publish0x but wasn't receiving a lot of engagement (perhaps because i'm not crypto related and there isn't a clear following system, no newsfeed so i never understood the point of following authors)

Hopefully Publish0x can turn into a better alternative that included non-crypto enthusiasts.

Uptrendd and LBRY are on my watch as well. It would be cool if LBRY could turn into the go to for video content creators while still allowing to sync your content with YouTube, DTube and Bitchute.

Best regards


haha that'll be the day eh. You can only succeed at that which you are willing to fail at as they say. I think Publish0x is pretty crypto centric but I'm sure as more people use it, it will expand out. I think LBRY has a lot of potential to be that


props to you m8! hope to cya once I get to Toronto. It would be cool to make an interview about the role of the blockchain technology and its potential for furthering sustainable organic farming through a decentralized economy (this would be huge for the plant-based movement)


Yeah definitely, I think blockchain will change every industry

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@scottcbusiness another great write up, alot of good info in this video.

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ey thanks mate!

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Nice @scottcbusiness you were right about Hyperspace!

Do you think Steem will do well in the long-run?

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