Pimp Your Post Thursday -- July 4th Recordings Morning & Evening show links inside


PYPT is as much about promoting your own posts as it is about discovering the posts of others. We’re in this community together and it is always good to know who the members are.

As always we had some great posts presented and some new people joined in. Great to see.

SHADE Token Distribution

Those who presented posts received SHADE tokens. If they presented someone else’s post who wasn’t present and then commented on the post to let the person know it was presented at PYPT, they received tokens for presenting and for the comment. Anyone who leaves a comment (a real comment) letting the person know they were found through PYPT, receives a token.

Earning SHADE in July

In the June SHADE report I announced I’d be starting to keep track of the SHADE earned by each participant during the month. July is the unofficial start. Starting in August there will be prizes for the top earners.

For July, you can earn extra SHADE by participating in @wesphilibin’s #thoughtfuldailypost Challenge and presenting one or more of your posts during PYPT. You will earn 10 SHADE each.

This week @zekepickleman & @thekittygirl each earned 10 SHADE for their #thoughtfuldailypost

Current Top Ten SHADE Earners at PYPT in July*

  1. @fraenk — 25
  2. @bluefinstudios — 24
  3. @sgt-dan — 19
  4. @philippekiene — 14
  5. @mumma-monza — 12
  6. @dreemsteem — 12
  7. @mrnightmare — 12
  8. @zekepickleman — 10
  9. @metametheus — 9
    * doesn’t include #thoughtfuldailypost amounts

Remember, comments on the posts are just as important as the upvotes. Let people know they have been noticed and their work is appreciated.

This is the YouTube replay of the morning session:

List of links shared

This is the YouTube replay of the evening session:

List of links shared

NOTE: The link lists are on the Rambling Radio Forum on Tokenbb.

Posts Shared for Those Not Present

One of the things I enjoy on PYPT is the number of guests who share posts for others. Here are some of the people who had posts shared and were not present at PYPT: @whatsup, @mytunes, @thealliance, @jassennessaj, @dreemsteem, @enginewitty, @brittandjosie, @thomasjmitchell

Come on in and join the fun. Clearly there are people who attend PYPT who enjoy your work.

The SBI Giveaway

A giveaway was held for each session with the winners who were present and active receiving a Steem Basic Income Share each. Thanks to @dreemsteem, the number of SBI for each show has been increased.

Congrats to: @blind-spot, @bluefinstudios, @mumma-monza @philippekiene, @thekittygirl, @fraenk

SHADE Giveaway

At each PYPT, those in attendance can enter a draw to receive 25 SHADE.

Congrats to: @metametheus, @fraenk (x2), @bluefinstudios

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Until Next Time — Just Steem on

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Cool group of folks and it is a great time laughing with people from around the world eh?

Just join the discord server and listen in on the show. You will see it is lighthearted and entertaining with a great group to join.

Thanks to @shadowspub for herding the cats every Thursday. I will buy you a beer in real life soon.

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Such a wonderful time to be had!! I cannot wait to attend next week! Thank you for all the hard work you do @shadowspub!

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