Curation Corner #38 -- Recap -- with @instructor2121 from Freedomex


We had a great visit with @instructor2121 on Tuesday during the Curation Corner. We had him on the show before but that day Discord decided to mess with sound to the point the show was more frustrating than interesting.

The sound gods liked us this time. We went over the hour but that was because of all the content we covered. Here is an idea of what you’ll find on the recording:


  1. Updates
  2. Developments


  1. What is RocketEx
  2. Developments

Media Officials

  1. What is Media Officials
  2. Current Sites
  3. Future sites
  4. Developments
  • Easy New User registration
  • Referral System
  • Content Distribution Strategies- hard coded tags/dropdown
  • Shutter Ads system
  • Influencer onboarding
  1. Video- VideoOfficials amd others
  2. Pre-Search Integration
  3. MOT Token
  4. Get started on Media Officials

This is being uploaded to the new DTube via the YouTube recording link. The Link here is to YouTube.

Here is the link direct to YouTube.

We’re looking forward to welcoming @khaleelkazi from Steem Leo next Tuesday.

Rambling Radio now has it’s own forum. It can be found here. The forum has links to the shows as well as the lists of links built for each Pimp Your post Thursday show.

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the ramble

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Congratulations team :) your video had been selected again by dcontest for Promoting your video in our contest post😊 within 30 minutes :)

Get ready to get some more real engagements 😊

Additional Information : is a Dapp founded by @freecrypto and developed by @neavvy

@shadowspub, Awesome stuff is going on here and in my opinion it's always a boost to know about the new Projects which is establishing on this Blockchain to understand the use case. Keep up and hope that efforts of you'll will be blessed with successful results.

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thank you @chireerocks .. it's been an interesting project getting to know about the various projects on the platform. (no pun intended) .. we've had some great conversations.


Welcome and good to know that. Continue this productive initiative.

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Only the use and the actual exchange give a real value to a token.
The strategy of the media company disseminates information and tries to attract companies outside of steem.
It can be the key.
Good summary in your interview.
An interesting hour and 19 minutes.
I will have it in my bookmarks for consultation and in-depth analysis.


hi @mariita52 ... you might enjoy stopping into the shows each week when we chat with project owners about what they are doing. Every Tuesday at 1pm EDT / 5pm UTC in The Ramble .. just watch my feed for announcements.


Thank you @shadowspub
for your kind invitation.
I do not speak English but it was good to have the YouTube translator.
Stay Great!

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A lot of things we learned from media most especially to that we are a newbie here. Thank you for sharing.

Mediaofficials is a nice start from the team, and if this is the start then what are they gonna do with do with more tribes. I am sure, that's gonna be superb.

So many questions are answered that many of steemian would have in mind.

Thanks & wish you a lovely day.

wow, this media is a good start, especially for newbies who have lots n lots of questions.

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Full of info. Thanks for sharing.

Let's pimp our rides!

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  ·  지난달

There are many ideas in this conversation.


really? what are the ideas? what did you learn from the video?


Really? what are the
Ideas? what did you learn
From the video?

                 - shadowspub

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Media help a lot of things to be aware of what is the latest and best way about curation. Thank you for sharing @shadowspub

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thanks for sharing 💙

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It's a nice idea and all have their own speculation on how to give good curation. Anyway, thank you for your effort giving us knowledge on how to become a good one in this blockchain.

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it's really clear that you didn't even bother to read the text in this post. If you had you would know that your comment is totally out of context and unrelated to the post. Real comments get upvotes. Ones like these get me looking real hard at the downvote button.

FreedomEx is a nice exchange and currently its early phase but seems they have big plans to expand.

Glad to about Rambling Radio and also thanks for sharing it's forum. Your video is very long. Anyway i will visit the forum.

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nice update about freedomx