Pho Linh - Seafood and Cashew Nuts with Steamed Rice - FFF


I decided to go for a walk to my favourite Vietnamese restaurant, the Pho Linh.
Along the way I saw a Rosella eating upside down from a tree (footage not included here).
I chose to have the fried chicken wings, and the chicken and corn soup as entrees.
For the main course, I chose the seafood and cashew nuts with steamed rice all washed down with my beverage of choice: Coke No Sugar. You can see my carrying a 2 litre bottle of it for throughout the week. For dessert I chose the choc-mint Magnum icecream.

#vietnamesefood #mallsballers #fff #foodfightfriday

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Your Food Fight Friday Contender has been entered into Round 66
May your contender make it out alive and not be placed in a permanent food coma!
Good Luck
Have a

Seafood is my first choice at any restaurant! Now I want a Magnum after hearing that crunch, not fair;);)

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Chuckle. That was sort of the point. grin. Thanks for watching!


And it's breakfast time here, no Magnums on the menu but guess what I'm buying when I go to town today? Very good Magnum ad;)

The food looks tasty.


Oh it is, it really is!

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That was great @shaidon! Great job man, Good video editing, too, I’m impressed—everything about it. Way to set the food fight bar. Thanks for hanging out with us on Fridays, sir, it’s always a pleasure.


Thank you. It's something that keeps me grounded and is always something to look forward to.
Next week should be another good one.


I’m counting on it now.

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Sounds good mate, I think I need to check that place out, is it in the central market?

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No it's on Bagster Road, in Salisbury North.