The Desert Oasis - Egyptian Oud Improvisation

2년 전

Here's an original improvisation on my Egyptian Shehata oud for the steem blockchain. I just started playing whatever came to mind until a riff started forming. Next I added a few hand drum tracks via my Roland Handsonic. Some of the drum samples include tabla, darbuka, shakers, a rain stick and djembe.

The overall mood of the song reminds me of a caravan looking for water in a vast desert until they stumble across a hidden oasis.

Thanks for listening :-)$/invite/@sketchandjam:1

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This is a heck of a jam my friend, really enjoyed this. Ive always loved the tones from the egyptian scales. Ive played for quite a while but not that good when it comes to understanding scales. Need to practice....a Nice work!


Thanks for listening :-) the shorter neck of the oud helps isolate the scales a bit more. It took about two full weeks of sounding bad on the oud before I started getting the hang of it finally. I still haven't figured out the half notes yet, when I try and use them it sounds like a mistake, gotta listen to more middle eastern music to figure them out.

As an Egyptian, I’m happy to see/hear this 😊


Thanks for listening :-) I love the music of Egypt.


Excellent work


Mostly well come sir