The Noise in the Garage - Original Music

8개월 전

I just made my own partsocaster! Partly inspired by @amberyooper home made guitar here

Mine is made from a mighty mite neck and a reject body I got at guitar show with a knot in it. The pickups are lace sensor alumitones and the wiring is a solderless toneshaper kit. Here's my first jam on it. The drums are by Jim Dooley its his garage track 180 bpm. The bass is my Musicman Stingray 5. Thanks for listening :-) #partsocaster #diy

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Love it that is really cool dude 👍


Thanks for listening, this partscaster is pretty good for roughly a $300 patch together kit. Next step is to tru oil the body and put a wooden pickguard on it.

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Not a problem i loved it and your guitar nicely done 👍

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Very good

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Thanks its a bit noisy i might remix it to be a bit simpler.

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Feel free to listening

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Thanks for listening :-)

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Nice looking guitar and sounding good too. Shiny hardware! Enjoy it.


Thanks, once i put the dark burl walnut pickguard on it it will really make the hardware stand out.

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Nice looking guitar
And sounding good too. Shiny
Hardware! Enjoy it.

                 - steevc

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