Mistakes Made on behalf of AAA


Tow truck drivers all have different methods in which they use to load and unload vehicles but there is an overall standard. Depending on the situation and condition of the car, those standards are either highly met or just barely. Each state and cities carry different laws to govern the towing companies, and I must say that AAA has some of the most restrictions when it comes to their services.

AAA will not tow vehicles if there are no keys to it. Depending on how the vehicle is parked, they may turn you down and say they can get it because they refuse to pull a car from the back. If you're looking at your account, they will still charge you for sending the truck out there even though they didn't tow the car.

The driver in this video has some very unsafe practices such as getting underneath a car while it is in neutral. He also seemed not to quite comprehend me when I was telling his where to park his truck when he first arrived. Check out the video and leave some feedback.

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