Beginner Deck Building~Gods Unchained


No one can be great at everything. I am a walking example of that. What you can be great at is finding workarounds for many things you are not good at. In this, I do pretty well.

Part of playing God's Unchained is having the best deck that you are great at playing. I am far from the best deck builder but I know this to be true. Knowing what I am lacking in is the first step in getting better at anything.

My workaround for not being the greatest deck builder is to improvise. This post and video will show you how I go about doing just that.

There are two websites I use to help me build decks. The first site is GUDecks. The second site is UnchainedStats. Both websites will show you the up and coming best decks being played to level up.

Great if you own every card there is. I never do. Throw in the fact I have my own playstyle. A deck that works for one person will not always be the best choice for you, even if you have all the cards from a deck someone else uses.

After looking at the websites I tagged above, I will find a deck that looks like fun to play. I will check out the cards against what I own to see if I can get close to keeping the same flavor of the deck.

For each card you don't have, there is usually a card you own that will come close.

The questions to ask yourself are:

What is the main point of this card in the deck? Is it a card that you play on your board and 4 cards show up? If this would be the case there are plenty of other cards that will come close to doing just that. It might not be perfect but you never know. It is worth a try to see?

The two cards shown above look very different but are they? The first card cost 3 mana, has 2/3 in stats and pulls out an extra 1/1 card on your board.

The second card cost the same amount of mana, keeping your deck on the same curve as the one you are trying to recreate. When you play the card you also get a 2 mana refill. This means if you had a card worth 2 mana you can also play that card on the same turn.

There are pros and cons to both cards. The point here is there are workarounds if you look at what the card you don't have is in the deck for. Then look at your other cards with an open mind to see if you can come up with another card to replace it.

Know your Cards

Last but not least take your new deck out and play it in a real setting. See how it goes. See what works and what doesn't. Did you run out of cards too soon? Would another God Power be better for you in the deck you built?

Be opened minded. Do not expect to win the first time. Look for the flaws in the deck you just built. Go over in your head, while playing the new deck, what cards you have might be better to have picked.

Always remember you are playing a game.

A game for fun and relaxation.

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I'm glad that you like this game, another avenue of much needed fun! :D


it is :D


Really good post!
Nice to see you making that awesome work :)


Thank you!!! I am so happy you liked it!

Great post! To me the last part is the most important. Keep playing and experimenting to find the weak and strong spots of your deck. From time to time I discover a new card combination that I never even thought of when building the deck.

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Exactly!!!! watching other play you find out so much more too. You see who they play their cards and go OHHHHHHHHHH :D

Thank You for stopping to read and your great comment!!