The Alliance Block Party Steem Meet Up

4개월 전

The Alliance Block Party is now ten days away!!! So much to do and get ready for!! I am so excited to finally meet everyone in person and give out real hugs!

Tonight I had the pleasure of talking to @Enginewitty who is the driving force behind @thealliance and The block party. In the video above we talk about what to expect over the three days at the house in Cripple Creek where most of us will be staying.

To find out more about the Block Party please see the post 🎉The Block Party➡️June 20th-23rd⬅️ - Counting The Days!.

There is a raffle running right now where you can win tickets to go to the Block Party. All the information on the raffle can be found in this post 2 Ticket Raffle for 🎉The Block Party➡️June 20th-23rd⬅️

On top of all that @justineh is running a fundraiser for the Block party. You can find out all that information by reading her post The Block Party Steem Meetup - Pledge Drive Fundraiser!.

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I’ll try my very best to be there in 10 days

Even if I can’t make it then I’ll contribute much as I can from Japan 🇯🇵


I SO hope you can come but if not there, we can live video so you can be there too!!


definite yes for live video

I am so jelly
This is another one I so wanted to be there for but it is too far (read expensive) to travel ..... gahhhhh
I will vicariously enjoy it through you and those attending <33

Was fun taking a little breather and chatting with you sweets! You are almost as excited as I am! Almost BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


it was a lot of fun!!!
Soooooooooon REAL HUGS

I can't wait to finally meet you in person! Woo hoo!!!

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I can not either.
SO looking forward to so much about the trip!!!


I can not either.
SO looking forward to so
Much about the trip!!!

                 - snook

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Sooooo happy for you, Snook! A little envious... but happy. 😆


Thank you!!!! means a lot. I'm so behind and excited but it will all work out in the end. :D people are all that matter!!

wish you could be there too and your guitar!!!!

wow, blockparty! that's some good fun


Party, Party, Party, have fun while you are there,