DTube Shirts and Hoodies are Now Available!

3년 전

Hey there DTubers!

We're excited to announce that we now have DTube hoodies and shirts available for purchase in the Steemit Shop Australia store!

Want to keep warm while you make videos? Then grab your very own DTube hoodie!

Is it warm where you are right now? Then grab a DTube short sleeve shirt!

Or maybe you should just grab both!

Check out Steemit Shop Australiafor more fantastic Steem and DTube merchandise.

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Nice. Any plans for steem branded hoodies?
Green and gold on black, specifically.


For sure, just need my supplier to finalise some current orders and then I'll get the designs done. :)


That would be awesome, shame it's so hot here in Cambodia though....
Hope the shop is doing well @mazzle

I can't wait til my @dtubedaily hoodie arrives :)


I'll have it in the mail for you soon :)

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