Behind The Scenes Sneak Peak Video for Steem Onboarding!

3년 전

Want to get a behind the scenes look at what we are working on? Here on @dtube we will be sharing a little video compilation of each language we will be featuring the beta version of the site.

Our entire team has been working hard behind the scenes to bring this project to life. From writing scripts, to translating them, to filming and editing, to designing the website, working with communities to strategic planning with our consulting team.

We hope you enjoy this sneak peak video!

The Steem Onboarding Translation and Video Team

Translation and Video Team (5).png

English - @coruscate

Spanish - @anomadsoul

Korean - @ramengirl

Cantonese - @travelgirl

Japanese - @anmitsu and @djynn

German - @tibfox

Russian - @amalinavia

Portuguese -@guifaquetti

Mandarin - @joythewanderer

Thai -@waybeyondpadthai

Our Fundition Campaign is Live!

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 1.51.08 PM.png

We are very thankful to everyone who appreciates what we are trying to build here and we think we can achieve our goals if we get the community's support - which is why we launched this Fundition Campaign.

We have 10 Donation Tiers with different rewards - including Shirts, Hoodies, Early access to our website, Steem Fest tickets, Steem Monsters Packs, Steem Creators Conference tickets and more. For those who want to help us fund the project, the tiers are as follows:

$10Valued Supporter$25Appreciated Supporter
$50Bronze Supporter$100Silver Supporter
$250Gold Supporter$500Platinum Supporter

$1,000 | Diamond Supporter

If you want to donate/sponsor/fund @Steemonboarding, click here to go to our @Fundition campaign

Let's reach mass adoption together!

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 7.36.59 PM.png

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I wish I could help more with the workload here, but my skills seem to be rather limited. If you need a translation of this module into an interpretive jazz drum solo, gimme a call. Resteems will have to do for now.


I Just want you to realize that you just gave us an incredible idea for the future. Thanks so much man, keep the good vibes coming!


::shrug:: Haha. Happy to help. Hopefully it involves me drumming sometime down the line.


@lili1031 - Dropping irrelevant links everywhere is the fastest way to get flagged, muted and/or hurt your reputation.


Interpretive Jazz Drum Solo Sounds RIGHTEOUS!

Yeeeaahhh these are great behind the scenes and I am proud to be a part of this freaking cool @steemonboarding gang and standing in a row with all these great steemians.


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It all looks great! Nice to see some real people fronting it!

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Wouldn't have been possible without you man! Thanks for everything you've done for the project


No worries... lemme know if you need anything else writing!

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The start looks very promising and the fact that many great community members are involved also lends it to be a great initiative for new users to engage and learn to also add value to the ecosystem!

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Thanks man! We make sure to give you early access ;)


Por qué me spameas con links a tu contenido?

Love what you're doing here.


We appreciate the kind words :)


Here when you need them.

Fantastic work so far you guys !!


Hey man, thanks a lot and also big high five for that big vote! 💪

Wow, what is the mission exactly of this project? I can contribute for the French part if you need this language. ;)

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Hey! Currently we are already working with sunshine in French but, in the future we will need a stronger French team, we'll make sure to keep you in mind. Thank you for the offer!

Amazing. No comments. That is something Steem and every blockchain needs. A set of short but informative tutorials is the way to go. I love the work your team is doing, it's phenomenal.

By the way, wanted to ask how many videos are you planning to shoot? I have an idea for showing how to use STEEM payments (both on the web and in stores). If you think this is something worth mentioning, let me know.

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Thank you so much for your support @fundition!


Looking beautiful!

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Thanks for spreading the word man!

Wow! Just wow! The scope of this project seems gigantic, and you all are crushing it. I think this is going to truly benefit so many people. Well done!

Congratulations @steemonboarding!
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i think you give more update content about cripto concurrency

I could use a little more @ramengirl...

LOL, her voice is so soothing.

hey, where is Polish?

Wouwww wonderful work guys!!! Pretty happy with the results you are awesome!!! Congratulations to all!

Woohoo!! Esse é o @guifaquetti fazendo história no steemit! Admiro muito sua consistência e força de vontade! Sucesso, assim, é uma questão de tempo, como esse convite que te apareceu.

Parabéns mano! Sempre tudo de bom pra tu e família.


Wow, congratulations! This seems like is going to be a major onboarding and training project! 10 languages? Again, wow!

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This is Awesome!

I believe you've missed in Hindi...

Ok this video is ok

Una buena manera de decir un tema interesante