The Steem Sister Show - Episode 132 // Managing Stress (Part Two)

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Welcome to the Steem Sister Show!

Your hosts are @coruscate and @maryjaney - two sisters bringing fun content to the Steem blockchain.

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Topic of this Episode – Managing Stress (Part Two)

We are back for the second part of our conversation on managing stress.

Questions covered in this episode:

  • @gillianpearce - What is a situation where you got stressed out, but looking back - you can see it was uneccesary?
  • Why does learning how to manage stress matter to you?
  • @goldmatters - Do you experience #cryptoanxiety when there is a large drop in the crypto market? How do you manage this type of stress?
  • What are your main stress triggers?

What is the Steem Sister Show All About?

We aim to bring more “non-crypto” related content to the Steem Blockchain. Although there is nothing wrong with this kind of content (@coruscate even posts on crypto related material sometimes) – we want to help create a better onboarding experience for new users. We talk a lot about attracting new users to the platform – but if the trending page is filled with crypto posts and flagging wars, they are likely to lose interest quickly.

We hope that by creating content that is more similar to what they are used to seeing on other social media sites – they will feel more excited about being here and creating content of their own!

How Does It Work?

We pick a different theme every week, and then throw totally random questions about that topic in a hat and go back and forth. We always have a mix of our own questions and some audience questions. Our rule is that we cannot tell each other our answers before filming! So you guys are getting our raw, unfiltered reactions here.

Every episode we announce the next week’s topic so people can submit questions.

Want to win some Steem??

If we chose to answer your question in the next show… we will send you 2 Steem!

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The Next Topic: TikTok!

What? Are we really going to spend a week talking about the silly app TikTok? Helllz ya. We are both having WAY too much fun on this app and I actually think it is one of the most interesting social media apps out there right now for growing a following or at least connecting with people in a sillier/fun way. I'm definitely posting all sorts of nerdy dance videos on there that I would never post on here or even twitter!

I actually think a lot of brands/businesses' could be utilizing TikTok to catapult their business as well... so we have lots of fun things to talk about!

So send us your questions on "TikTok". If we choose your question - we'll send you 2 steem.

That’s a Wrap!

We really hope you guys enjoyed this week on Meaningful Conversations! I mean heck... that's what we do here at the Steem Sister Show! We seriously can't wait to talk all about Fall this week... so send us your questions!

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With Love,

The Steem Sisters

@coruscate and @maryjaney

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