The Steem Sister Show Is Going To Be Featured in a Discover Card Commercial!

3개월 전

Hi Steem Fam!

We have some super crazy news. Probably the craziest news we've ever shared on the show before. Drumroll please...

The Steem Sister Show is going to be featured in a Discover Card Commercial!! Watch the video to hear the crazy story of how this happened!

With Love,

The Steem Sisters

@coruscate and @maryjaney

SSS main logo.png

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For Europeans please translate, what is a "Discovery Card"?

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It’s a credit card! Like visa or master card.

So crazy!!! this is just the first of MANY opportunities coming your way:) what a thrill and how lucky are they to have found you and @maryjaney!

Ah.... this isn't crazy at all..... it's just the entire whole rest of the world catching up to what all us Steemians already know.... if you want radness, come to the SSS!

What it is is very, very exciting! Well done team! I'm not surprised in the slightest but if I may echo the honorable @Goldmatters, I'm sure it's just the first of many, many amazing opportunities where brands and conventions all over say YES to the SteemSisters!

Well done! So excited! Please record the commercial and chuck it on here, because, ah, I'm not even sure when I saw the last commercial for realsies.


That is awesome! Rock on guys. Congrats. YES!


aww thanks friend!! ♥️

Good work, Discover Girls! Hope Discover helps people discover you lol.


haha well played. 😂


Keep going girls, I like Your energy :)

awesome!! on TV!! the whole world will know about the steem sister show :)


hehe thanks friend!! 🤗

WOW this is great news! you deserve it!


Thanks friend!! ♥️

Yes! Yes! Yes! Lol pays to pull a Daniel Brian doesn’t it?

Congratulation girls! You rock!