Steem Sister Show - Episode 134 // TikTok (Part Two)

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Welcome to the Steem Sister Show!

Your hosts are @coruscate and @maryjaney - two sisters bringing fun content to the Steem blockchain.

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Topic of this Episode – TikTok (Part One)

Whaaa? Are we really spending a week talking about TikTok? Even though most people just view it as a silly app for teenagers, we think there are some pretty interesting opportunities on that platform right now - so we dig into all the juice between this episode and the next!

Questions covered in this episode:

  • Is TikTok a good platform to grow a personal brand? Or is it just a silly platform for having fun?

  • If you make content in other arenas (aka Youtube, Podcast, Blog etc.) how could TikTok factor into your strategy?

  • In general - where do you think social media is going right now?

What is the Steem Sister Show All About?

We aim to bring more “non-crypto” related content to the Steem Blockchain. Although there is nothing wrong with this kind of content (@coruscate even posts on crypto related material sometimes) – we want to help create a better onboarding experience for new users. We talk a lot about attracting new users to the platform – but if the trending page is filled with crypto posts and flagging wars, they are likely to lose interest quickly.

We hope that by creating content that is more similar to what they are used to seeing on other social media sites – they will feel more excited about being here and creating content of their own!

How Does It Work?

We pick a different theme every week, and then throw totally random questions about that topic in a hat and go back and forth. We always have a mix of our own questions and some audience questions. Our rule is that we cannot tell each other our answers before filming! So you guys are getting our raw, unfiltered reactions here.

Every episode we announce the next week’s topic so people can submit questions.

Want to win some Steem??

If we chose to answer your question in the next show… we will send you 2 Steem!

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The Next Topic: Freedom, Liberty and Anarchy!

We've done some lighter topics lately, and so we thought it would be fun to dig into some meaningful conversation on the way of the world! We were slated to do this topic a few months ago, but ended up shifting gears - and so we are bringing it back! This is clearly a broad topic, but really anything to do with our eroding liberties, privacy, or general political viewpoints is fair game.

So send us your questions on "Freedom, Liberty and Anarchy". If we choose your question - we'll send you 2 steem.

That’s a Wrap!

We really hope you guys enjoyed this fun chat about TikTok! Even though neither of us have had a video go viral yet - we both think there is a lot of potential on the platform right now. Come back in a few days for even more discussion in our part two episode!

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With Love,

The Steem Sisters

@coruscate and @maryjaney

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I installed it a while back when it started to be popular, I confess I haven't posted anything in it, at the time I joined I was bombarded by awkward teenagers and adults videos doing silly things sometimes I felt SERIOUS meaningful work wouldnot have any attention there... guess I have to give it a try eventually and try a few candid videos but It really scares me and I didn't enjoy the first "landing" experience on it. I'm same user "yidneth" but it's kind of a ghost account still.