Weku Promotion Animation Video


Weku Promotion Team has successfully created several avenue for every average citizen of Weku blogging platform to earn daily.

You can also invite your friends and family members and get rewarded, you can buy weku and get rewarded with up 100,000 weku power delegation.

Life is good with weku blockchain. Join the movement now.

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Great job Steven... Resteemed!

Cool video Steven, love it!

Well done with the video friend, thank you

GV family supports @stevenmoses!!
Resteemed!! Awesome video my friend!!


Thank you GV family. The only fantastic group on the blockchain.

I love the video, you are a talented guy!!


Thank you my friend. You inspired me the day you called me into this project.

This is amazing, I hope, WEKU, will be more successful

So cool! Love it!

  ·  작년

You've done a great job, thank you stevenmosoes..

Could you make this video available in French too? My African friends said they would need it as French is the official language in their country. Let me know if you need some volunteers.


Yes I can make it available in French if they want it in French... If you are on discord, kindly reach out to me via stevenmosoes#1911 let discuss further as the video is not actually cheap to make. I am willing to make sacrifice though just like I did in this current video. @mattgroening


Well, unfortunately you have blocked all friend request on discord.

  ·  작년

So much talent!
How I would like to know how to do this! then I would make girls with long hair like @siamcat hehe
Congratulations, great video!


Haha thanks @samic
Don’t forget to add some lovely dogs to the animation

  ·  작년

Oh yes, it would be great.