Old man over40 skateboard session in the Lunchtime Hustle episode 2


This is the second series of the Lunchtime Hustle

In this series I pick 3 tricks I have seen on Youtube from my fellow creators

The first trick is a nollie backside 360 shuv . I decided to try this trick after watching the channel FD Skates (Which stands for father daughter skates )

It is a rad channel check it out

Next Salvation skateboards had a video on trying to land a pressure flip . Pressure flip is a very contentious trick .Some like it and some hate it . I knew I could land it so gave it a go. Thanks for the inspiration Salvation skateboards .

Check out the channel

Finally my Greek brother Knowhow92 asked me on steemskate to try a blunt shuv it out on the curb cut . I was worried about this one as it could be tricky getting the shuv out .

If your interested in Steemskate check out this link for more


Knowhow 92also has a youtube channel here


Original music soundtrack by me link here

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▶️ YouTube
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Nice episode my G , keep going with this .


Thanks as always my dude

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That was SO GOOD bro! So intense battle with all these tricks. The Pressure flip was just perfect and the blunt shuv came out pretty easy!


You still got to land a pressure flip ....that's a real war

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If I was in a real war vs Pressure flip I would die man! I just can't do it. Both body and mind reduse to land this one! Hahahaa


I refuse to believe that ....let's see the video

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