Men's Mental Health: Getting dumped, crying and reconciling


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Have you ever been dumped ?
Man such a kick to the gut and what usually follows is your mental health deflating.
What I talk about in this video is how getting dumped sux
How it is ok to cry
How your emotional perspective matters in terms of what makes you feel sad and makes you cry
And finally how I personally reconciled this and wrote a song which I turned into a skateboard video.
Being over40 and single means I have the time to make this original video and original music to keep the darker times at bay.

Song lyrics:

I'm the nicest guy you never want to meet

My personality is a disease
don't come near me
You say I am nice and that makes me sigh
And it makes my emotions fry

I'm the nicest guy you never want to meet

My heart is a crushed grape
And my emotions have been raped
You squeezed all the tears out of my eyes
Cause I'm such a nice guy

I'm the nicest guy you never want to meet

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Can't agree more. Loosing a pet or a 3 week relationship is not the same for everyone. Some people are more emotional, some are more tough etc. Glad to see you skating no problem and killing it! That manual was dope.


Thanks dude although , appreciate the kind words on the manual it was super sloppy but I will take it


It's very hard to commit and drop in to the bowl again. Tried this manual a few times too and failed. tOO AFRAID TO DROP IN THE RAMP AGAIN.

aww you are the nicest guy I definitely want to meet up with in person some time :) Love you stix

@tipu curate


Thanks Carl , I thought you might have commented on how I recruited the aliens to play in my band hehehe. We will definatley meet up one day

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Some time ago I read your story and watched your video. I think you have learned many important things. If you want to cry, cry. If you want to laugh, laugh. If you want to make songs, do them! Everything that does you good and does not harm anyone is good ... My advice: keep writing songs, keep filling your heart with love and kindness, keep making your music and there will come a time when you achieve the balance you need. A hug @stickchumpion


Awwwww thanks so much Marcy ....your words mean alot so thanks for commenting