Steemskate over40 skate session at Finsbury park with friends


I was feeling a bit lazy and and tired like most in their 40's and had to gee myself up to cycle up the road to Finsbury Park for a quick skateboard session. I thought let me do 20 mins and then come back.

What unfolded was a 2 hours session backed up by fellow skateboarders Alex and Anna.

It was a great start to the morning,

Song is called "Everytime I see you I'm a dick"

This is about having a brief relationship with someone at work, then getting freaked out (I was in my early 30's and stupid) and calling it off, as it was going so well. She like the warrior she was moved on, but due to me working in the same place I had to see my mistake every day . Hence the song title.

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Love the tune and the sweet skills!

F*cking awesome dude. It's weird how that girl rides the bowls switch and backside with easy!


Thanks Mr Steemskate