Blood Christmas, old man skateboard sesh during the holidays season


"its the most consumerist time of the year"

Gaze upon the blistered underbelly of the holiday season . Where brother elbows sister in order to get a good deal on a gift for mum.

Amoungst all this carnage our 4 aging warriors spit in the eye of conformist and materialist culture to ride useless wooden toys on creaking limbs.

Happy holidays everyone dont get a bloody nose

Music by myself have a listen on Soundcloud

#over40 #oldmanskatesesh #skateboard #diymusic #over40skateboarding

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Sick skate sess man.
Love this outro!


The alien is all . He is gonna make some more appearances

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Very cool stick, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!! I've included this post in my weekly curation Ocean of Art!


Hi Julia thanks alot and happy consumerism holidays to you too. Hope you good

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