Men's mental health: Social media and collaborations in skateboarding and music


This video is celebrating collaborations in skateboarding and music
During the dark days when I was struggling with my mental health I also found the Steemit blockchain blogging site. Through Steemit I managed to find a lot of creative people to collaborate with. At first it was just musical collaborations but now that I have branched out into skateboarding and editing and so this is a skateboarding and music collaboration .

I first met this dude on Steemit under his guise of @soundwavesphoton or on instagram @daniel.covert .During the depressed days I would talk to these homies when things were pretty hectic and I couldn't handle going out and handling the real world.

I have been thinking about the collaborations I have done and the people I have met through social media and it made me come up with a concept of “look sideways” . Too many people are looking upwards at the people above them with more followers which they therefore assume means they have a better life. I have found it more constructive if you look to the side and look at who shares similar interests to you and try to build a community of like minded people. This is way more fun instead of gradually eroding away at your mental health looking at people who appear to have a better life than you.

With technology these days it is easy to connect and collaborate all you need it passion and motivation

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Yes! There is the back 3 bro and awesome rock 180. I'm scared as sh*t to try this one on a ramp.
Gonna upvote from steemskate profile in a while. We need to recover some Voting Power.
Loved the edit and laughed a lot when you told that alien to shut up.Hahaha.

Also yes, it is way better to belong in a like minded community like ours here on Steem than these fake ass Instagram circles!
Great episode Stix


The alien is gonna be my sidekick dig that dude . Exponentially there is gonna be way more assholes on instagram and youtube but we got to use all the channels we can get . I still need do a post on getting my self on the nine club.



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very good spot very good video dud!


Yo thanks alot dude hope you good

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