Finally trying out PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS after the full release!

4년 전

Hey everybody

So today I decided to try out the official full version of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS that was released on the 21st December 2017 and since I last played it a couple of months ago it felt like it had improved a lot. There were already some new things in the game and you could notice a big difference. The new map was now in the game and it was random which map would be played each round.

It feels great to come bac kto a game you haven't played for a while to see all the updates and improvements that have been made. I hope you like the video. Even though it did have kind of a boring ending.

I played a couple of games and tried to pick out the best one for the video but this one ended up being the only one with good loot so I chose this one.

Hope you all having a great week so far. Let me know what you think about the game now that it was released?


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this game looks great

As someone who has played the game religiously on a daily basis ever since the early access hit Steam, it's been like watching a baby grow. I know PUBG is out of EA and is ready and released but there's still much to improve and Bluehole WILL improve it further. It's the little things that make me keep coming back even after 712 hours of gameplay. The amount of detail that went to the animations, the way every gun has it's own personality and place and the satisfying feeling of a Kar98 headshot. PUBG is a ride I'm more than willing to watch all the way to the inevitable, bitter end. I enjoy other BR's too, but only PUBG satisfies the itch that the Arma 3 mod gave me 5 ish years ago.


I totally agree with you. I bought pubg really early on and been taking like months long breaks from it now and then. It' been really awesome to come back every time and see all the improvements and additions to the game. I was watching the h3h3 podcast with the creator of the game couple days ago. It really seemed like they want to make this game into the masterpiece it has the potential to be. I hope it works out :)

Thanks for stopping by!

  ·  4년 전

Hey, are you going to add commentary later to videos?
I'd watch them man :d


Well actually my roommate is getting a new PC soon and I am planning to get myself a mic and cam at the same time. :) so soon there will be a stream up or at least videos with commentary :D

Hah thanks man :D appreciate the support

Been watching you buddy! I don't like gameplays or commentaries but I find myself dropping in to see the magic.

Glad I followed you! <3


Nice to see you around man! I'm sure you'll stumble upon something you like at some point :D

Thanks for stopping by. :)

The development process of the game is officially exciting. in every little detail I see I give an aha response. weapons modeling, character animations, character controls, item variety and modeling (especially military goods), inventory system, details are well thought out and effort is spent. @strawhat


I agree. It's awesome to finally see a game actually put the effort in to make it great :) hope they continue in the same way


There is no doubt that it will continue in the same way my friend :)) @strawhat

Even if you're scaring bad graphics, bad optimism, high prices and inadequate game modes, you should definitely play this game. PUBG is a game that we can say that there is a satanic feather, which, despite all its shortcomings, will entertain you like crazy.

Moreover, if we think about how fast the updates are coming, we can foresee that all those shortcomings that we consider here will soon be closed.


@strawhat I'm also patiently waiting to see the magic, I hope u disappoint the haters.

PUBG can no longer satisfy me as a BR game. Fortnite seems way better for me since there is more action. Also the terrible optimization PUBG has makes it impossible to play with some of my friends because of their toaster PCs. Really hope they add a smaller map and fix the game breaking bugs like "bullets not regisrating"... what the hell...


The patch that came in today fixed most netcode issues, haven't encountered the same type of problems I did a week ago.


Oh, I did'nt even realise that a patch was released yesterday. But the game really felt like it had improved a lot lately. Really looking forward to see where this is going :)


The bullets thing is the most annoying thing ever xD but I think they've atleast improved it. :)

If anything I think the game has died down. At least personally for me. They need to add new maps. It's getting too similar with the same map for this long. Can't wait for their desert map they are adding.


The map is there now man! You should try it out ;)

Thanks for stopping by.

Guys they are now getting the Pubg to Phones too ! And it will be free ! The game is being played in China real Pubg on Phone in China but not in other countries.
After 2-3 months they will release Beta version of Pubg for Phones and I can’t wait for it !
But for now I am playing “Rules Of Survival” on my phone and it have such a awesome graphics with a Teamming or Squad option with Voice chat and Keypad chat too ! It’s really awesome and same as Pubg till real Pubg comes for Phone I will keep enjoying Rules Of Survival :)



That's really cool. I've actually seen som pubg clones on android at some point but never tried them out. Never really been a big mobile gamer but thanks for sharing the info :)

Yea I mostly post gaming content so follow :) thanks fpr stopping by


If u wanna try Any Pubg Clone game for Mobile
Try : Rules Of Survival
It have awesome graphics and all Pubg system and if u want a teammate I am here ;)

I follow you bro :))
My computer is so old that features are not playing these kinds of games for.but I enjoy watching you playing.when i buy a new computer i try to play all of the games you share.
Thanks for sharing..


Oh, yeah my roommate is having the same problem at the moment. I hope you get a new system soon :3 thank you :)

Nice!! I think the new version is actually a really big improvement. I had always problems to jump in the old version so this walting really helps me out. Its also fun that there is another map but the new map is a bit too big in my opinion. When you jump somewhere and the circle appears long from you it can be hard to make it sometimes. Fun tough when you actually are lucky with the circles :) lets hope they keep improving and make even more maps :D


Yeah I agree it did feel a little too big. Haven't played the new one too much though so I can't really say. I love that they're actually improving this game and it's even going pretty fast forward.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you!

Yes! Big Improvements! I keep hitting top 5 and losing but I'll get there soon!


Haha I keep having the same problem. No chicken dinner for me yet :/ but I think we'll get there one day :D

i like gaming...


That's cool :) you can follow me if you want I mostly post gaming content and news.

i loved the graphics on this one seems like a heavy game to run on basic pc


It is a little heavy on the PC but it's a little better now after the full release :) too bad there's not a free trial or beta so people could try it out before buying.

if you are right, the improvement is considerable compared to the previous

I still have ventured into this game, but it seems like I may need to. So many people are playing it nowadays!

wonderful dtube.....

so cool.........

  ·  4년 전

Thanks for sharing will try it.

yet to play this one looks quite awesome you are the one stop destination for all gaming posts i love that :D

nice good

gaming is goooooooooood~~~~ so cool

Fabulous one!!!

wow great feeling while you falling from the plane thats almost like the true

This is really cool really... I hope they make a VR version of PUBG

I think the game has died down. At least personally for me.

I played this game when it first came out on PC mooooonths ago. I haven't played it recently but I agree, it does look a lot smoother. The UI update they've done is quite nice too, not to mention vaulting! XD

Way to make it to top 10! Gotta hate it when you die to the zone though!

I've been fighting the urge to play it, as I know it can be very time consuming. Can you tell me what makes it any better than what came before, including H1Z1 and stuff like PlanetSide 2? Or even Fortnite BR? PUBG doesn't even feel like a polished game, it almost smells of another DayZ (you know, early access success story and then it all dies).

Am I wrong to think that everyone is just jumping on the bandwagon because it's cool to do so, or is PUBG simply a better game than the rest?

Nice post it looks stable

really good read gave you a follow and upvote , hope we can become friends :)

awesome post thank you for writing this , ive given you an up vote and follow -looking forward to seeing more from you i also play a little PUBG but mainly play Arma3 , dee x

If you press 'X' you put away all your weapons and run a bit faster. You just might have made that final sprint there. Anyway, gg. :-)

If you want to play together sometime, add me on Steam: Games Joyce (same avatar as here)