New update on steemit and what I want to see next

3년 전

I woke up today and I saw this new feature on steemit where we could see how much we will get paid in SBD and steem at the end of 7 days.

This is really a cool feature. In this video, I am talking about what next we should have on steemit now.

On the other hand, today it has been really good as bitcoin again touched $8k mark, so Congrats to everyone.


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Yeah, I also liked the new feature it's just that it seems that it's missing the % portion for the author and for the curator. It just simple divided the SBD into 50% then the remaining 50% be divided again on the current steem value.


Yeah, I also felt that but anyway, it could be the initial update.We might get that in follow up.

Ho are you bro ,, your post is very interesting ,, may i follow you.


I am good, thank you.
Yes, you are allowed to follow me.


thank you guys, you are very good people

Steemit has SOO many Amazing Reasons for Content Developers to join & create on the STEEM Platform. Monetization is only one of the little benefits :)


Yes, that's true.
It is just start of steemit. Real benefits are yet to be witnessed.
I see you have just joined steemit, so best of luck.

Shoutout Mr @suf1an for the courage. I think Ima drop my 1st Dtube today as well. I'm inspired my sir..