Singing Tuface's 'African Queen To Raise Funds For Steemfest Thailand


Steemfest is near, 'just two weeks away' and till date, i am not ready financially. I haven't paid the Steemfest ticket, let alone 'airfare'. I really want to be there. Besides, being on the 'list of speakers', Thailand is near the Philippines (visa-free) and in these times in my evolution, being present at Steemfest is timely.

I will try go out of my comfort zone for the next two weeks by putting out a cover song each day in a bid to raise money to go to Steemfest.

You can support my motion by voting this post and resteeming. You can also send me a donation.
At the very least, i am hoping that my 'off-key singing' manages to inspire someone or serves as a humor or something.
Where i am able to raise even enough for airfare, i will go to Thailand.
Even if i am not able to raise money for the 'Steemfest ticket' itself or 'accommodation' but i am able to raise money for airfare, i will go to Thailand.

Don't be surprised, if you see me at Steemfest.

Your Boy Terry

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Interesting way to raise funds, not a reggae beat, but I'll give it a pass!

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

@surpassinggoogle, Wish that all your efforts will going to bring fruitful results for you. Stay blessed brother and blessings of light is with you.

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Good luck brother, admire your drive. I hope you make it out there.

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