CATURDAY: When Your Cat Calls You "Mommy"


Okay okay, it's actually my 5-year-old son calling out to me in the background but I couldn't help but add a little intrigue to my title.

In this video, you will meet Angle, the senior citizen of our home. She is 12-years-old and still loves life. Her favourite things are food, more food, and food topped with food.

She also loves caturday and making a weekly appearance on Steemit.

Angel has the brightest blue eyes and we named her "angel" because she literally landed on our doorstep, like she fell from heaven! I wouldn't say she has much of an angelic disposition, however. She is quite the "catty" cat and lives life on her terms.

Angel sends her love and she would appreciate an upvote and support as she makes her way towards being steemfamous.

Much love - @sweetpea

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