Comparing DTube to YouTube after 300 videos an EACH Platform // Exclusive DTube video 291

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This is (kind of) a video response to @coruscate and her video titled 'YouTube vs. Dtube - Why Steem Has a Hard Time Attracting and Retaining Quality Content Creators’!/v/coruscate/1inbvbdn. This is also something I wanted to discuss with @heimindanger at @steemfest (especially a possible analytics feature), but somehow there was no time. In this exclusive DTube video I will be doing a comparison of uploading 300 videos to DTube vs uploading 300 videos to YouTube. I'm covering the following points (I'm discussing each point in detail in the above video)

  • Analytics
  • Sponsorships
  • No whales are following DTubes curation trail, it’s been over a year now and it’s getting worse (KPines SP undelegated)
  • Low activity on the blockchain due to bear market
  • People are upvoting themselves
  • Mixed messages ‘earn STEEM but DON’T SPEND IT?’
  • Centralised vs Decentralised
  • Why DTube? - POTENTIAL

My new plan: Connect DTube with YouTube -> Drive traffic to DTube from YouTube and vice versa, introduce crypto on my personal YouTube channel and use both platforms equally.

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I think I can say that my payouts with Dtube blow what little Channel I had on YT. But I do feel like we need more Whales behind us as you pointed out.


Thanks for stopping by Robert, I'm happy to see you agree about the curation issue!

Watched both the videos and i must say you two have conveyed the message very clear, even i faces lots of issues as a consistent content creator if you don't receive upvotes or you don't see any engagement in your content then it is really very disheartening for you hope so the true potential of steemit, dtube and all the other dapps will be used and we will see a positive results very soon.

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Aww I somehow missed this when you posted a few weeks ago - but just got a notification I was tagged.

Gettin ready for work but will be back to watch in a bit!