How to DOUBLE your rewards WITHOUT paid bots! // Exclusive DTube video 310

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The title is not clickbait! In this exclusive DTube video I will share my secret that got me through this rough crypto winter! My secret is called @oracle-d! These guys are seriously life-savers! I noticed them last year at steemfest and I was blown away by their vision ans so far they are delivering! If you are not familiar with what Oracle-D does, visit the website here:

I am so happy to say that I am now a PRO-LEVEL content creator for Oracle-D and I am happy about this I had to make this video! But you don't have to be a pro level content creator to start earning rewards with them. These guys provide amazing opportunities almost every week and I don't think many people realise what a huge opportunity this is. I'm seeing people leave all the time on Steemit, some at least voice their opinions and say that want to earn more, like @phoenixwinter for example! I think for content creators like Phoenix this is a great way to earn more on here and I'm sure Oracle-D will be huge very soon, especially if the markets continue to recover!

** Download the Brave browser and get rewarded for browsing: **

Learn how to travel the world without paying for accommodation:

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Read about @oracle-d after watching your video. thanks for sharing @tanbay!

I also tweeted this to my 4.5k followers to further promote steem and DTube and oracle-d!

Screenshot 2019-05-23 at 17.16.50.png

Congratulations, I'm also a massive OD fan! They so have the right focus on bringing money into Steem!


Thanks so much and congrats to you as well!

Thanks for the heads up man! I heard about OD but never really knew about what it was about! I’ll be sure to use it! 🙌

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yas man keep on going. Glad to see You more motivated and ready to go :D


Thanks dude (:


Glad to see you with energy and pumping videos again.

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Hey bud... good video. Only thing is I checked the Oracle-D website and there is no place to sign up as a content creator. It says that applications are closed right now. Do you or someone else know when they will be accepting them again? Thanks in advance.


Hi and yes it's very difficult to become a pro level content creator for them, took me many months of hard work but now it will pay off from now on. But for the normal tasks you can just follow and do the tasks, these are tasks that are open to anyone :)

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Really nice effort on behalf of OD task.
Yes! I am following Oracle-d previous two months and participating in his given task.
Mostly in a week one task comes from OD or DAlovers.
Most important thing I found that in his his task that he always come with new project about that we hardly know.that is why making post become interesting about study new exchange or subject.
Thank you man

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Yes I am also always amazed how they come up with these amazing tasks (:

Unfortunately, at the moment, they are closed for new applicants :D