the pursuit of the upgrade - chase the money to get the new or be vulnerable in the game.

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i’m pretty sure it’s my age but these years keep flying passed, I mean we are on the iPhone 11 for christ sakes already and with it version 13 of the os, even now it’s got a dedicated os for the iPad version as well, no doubt full of bugs that they are rapidly trying to chase down and fix with gusto — after all if you keep pumping out these high end, incredible technology devices.

you need to also maintain those codebases especially because it’s become a veritable battlefield out there just to have any kind of digital asset on the internet these days! :) for every one engineer trying to flex with radical design you have a room of hungry script kiddies trying to reverse engineer.

I noticed it’s like a pursuit to get the money to get the device to stay up to date, relevant, not vulnerable to have any kind of digital skin in the game, we wanna go faster, devices need to be robust, bug free and we need to be very focused to maintain any kind of digital income stream.

in fact we need to be spread far and wide and not thinly, with many redundancies and backups in place from many sources, staying up to date is make or break in the digital world when such rapid technology advances are taking place.

It used to be the people who still used cheques and slow modems that got left behind but it’s not getting to the point where if you have a device over a few years old then your probably still gonna be able to use it, but be potentially vulnerable at the same time as the focus on the brands you use switches to the more modern and up to date devices.

big shoutout btw to these eneloop batteries btw, they lasted three months in my Logitech keyboard before I needed to recharge them, that’s pretty incredible. Way to go Panasonic! Seriously, get some, they are awesome. Three months!!!

that’s not to say that they don’t have an ‘end of life’ agreement in place to maintain what you have but at some point (as intel cpu’s have shown) you’re gonna have people exposing deep rooted issues with the actual hardware at low level, that’s a whole of silicon to be switched out and recycled in a short space of time — obviously that tends to ‘not’ happen.

I feel like it’s an area that does not really get talked about enough is the speed of swapping out and recycling vs being used against the very new technology that is trying to break through, where human inefficiency and where wholes in the financial distribution of wealth then effect the end user trying to get ahead in this new digital world but are effectively slowed because of the hardware you are trying to transact on — it’s an interesting bladerunner notion to me.

Buying upgrades and chipsets and designer cards and buses, ports and interconnects to stay on the main frame of the world, up to date and current helps you be in the leading pack rather than stuck in the surf constantly rolling back in to get back up again.

Upgrades have become less about just new operating systems, new battery technology or better cameras. Sure that stuff is a big marketing pull because you want the LATEST NEW NEW but really those things were always going to get better the more the companies used AI to help design the machines to actually build the new components out, we continually learn new pre fabrication methodologies — plus now we are throwing so many caches and additional ‘helper’ chips in their it’s always gonna be getting better.

..what I’m seeing more so now is that your effectively having to keep up to date upgrading to the latest thing because of the rapid discovery of vulnerabilities is kinda getting to the same pace, if not more ahead at times it seems with the rapid adoption of newer chipsets, seems we are marching into a rapidly evolving fragile world from all angles — climate, industrial and electronically.

That still leaves a world of hurt behind of people that financially cannot keep up, or ahead, that use these technology to maintain a job or a connection to the outside world, almost like digitally homeless as well as physically homeless too.

While we try and education an ever evolving marketplace of new people without previous experience in technology, with discover of new technology we also have a gulf of people in the dead space of the lack of resources to upgrade and vulnerable and potentially damaging to us as well, the equality of hardware and resources exists here too on top of the stables a human needs to let alone maintain your day to day physical body.

It’s not enough to have the latest things in place for yourself these days when around us those that are not upgrading are part of the potential bigger problems — we have seen it with low quality, quick to market IoT devices (internet of things) with poorly coded firmwares, open ports and explorations by malware and the tsunami wave that is digital crime today.

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