got paid for my steemtaskr and starting to put my own tasks and requests on there!

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Hey, how’s it going today?

I just got my payment from @tibfox for the video that I made for him, it took 3 seconds to process and it cost nothing to send or receive those funds, you could say that the process was p2p (person to person) in nature in that we decided on a price, he gave me the benefit of the doubt to deliver and we took two revisions to get it to what he wanted — originally he wanted a 3/5 minute video which had me perplexed for a few weeks how I would stretched that and still keep it authentic, so I went fast and to the point.

Thankfully he liked it! — yay! Of course I’d have liked to have turned it around in an extra fast fashion but there we are, at least now he’s got a little advert he can put at the start or middle or end of videos to promote the awesome #diytube effort on the steem blockchain!

As you might or might not know I’m kinda working indirectly with @revo on improving the attention, awareness to the site and the only TRUE way to do that is to talk about it, show it in use, explain the positives and USE IT, most of the time all that a dApp owner wants is for you to test it, break it, suggest features and actually use it for what it was intended for.

For me, doing tasks, micro or otherwise for steem on the blockchain is a no brainer, I mean from a perspective of gamification and building an ecosystem of value based makers on chain it’s a no brainer! — imagine people competing to make ‘needed things’ for the chain and getting paid in the currency of the platform where you need to stake your steem to get better curation rewards or to further use to empower other communities, I mean it’s kinda dream like, not to mention the inflation every year right?

Of course it’s not perfect, it needs lot of features but it works and I’ve already had a few tasks completed, even one task I put up last night for 1 steem I accepted and they signed up over night, now I want to build on that idea and already I’ve got ideas forming about what this could be next.

hunt + taskr + dtube

For me this is a no brainer and could fuse together a great working relationship on chain for all the dapps involved, this is the way I see it playing out in some way.

  • hunt potential to cross promotion the tasks on steemtaskr for full service teams past just the video review element of steemhunt
  • steemtaskr promoting as inline ‘ads’ style maker requests from the review hunt platform to raise awareness and make the feed look bigger
  • dtube as the IPFS video host for all the videos that we make for client reviews for reviewhunt clients, we would get fresh content, cover server costs for pinned IPFS and everyone wins!

Anyway, just thoughts, hopefully @revo, @steemhunt and @dtube will give them a read and feedback, I’d love to see that happen, I think when dapps on the chain come together as infinity stone behaviour instead of clicking for people to go away and we lose retention we instead show a chain capable of sustaining ourselves and the lives of the chains dapps together! :)

Peace and love

pinterest epic wins pinboard → brand advocate for nokia, 1000heads, verisign → won vloggie for node666 (san fran 2006) → television for time team history hunters 1999 → sold to evan williams in april 2011 → went to phil campbell, alabama to help raise money after tornado (was on sky news, bbc news)→ CNN for sxsw 2013 about austin sxsw → video chat with robert scoblemusic video can you spot me?

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Hey man, good day. I found that you've muted me on steemit. I think there might be a mistake somewhere, especially since we've not had a conversation on-chain before. Who knows, i might have useful contributions to give somewhere someday. you won't get to see them if i'm muted

  ·  2년 전

Thanks for the great review, @teamhumble.

Someone else has also requested the ability to list a task as being repeat or multiple. It's something I'm going to have to put the thinking cap on for. It won't be easy with the current code architecture that I've got. But I'll definitely look into how I might be able to do it.


ok cool. i agree you really need to have them as single tasks. maybe just make it that you can copy that task/use it as a base to list it again instead of having it 'repeating'