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It appears that Dtube cannot process non-ASCII text in titles nor descriptions at this time. The originally intended title is:

目 - 漢字のアニメーション


Dtube is learning this language ... please allow some time :p

I need to study up on hiragana and katakana before thinking about kanji.


I recommend spending a solid week on each. Flash cards and similar apps/games have their place, but producing the kana with a physical writing implement is indispensable in the learning process. Make sure you can write out the full gojūon table from memory before moving on to more advanced studies. As long as one maintains regular exposure to Japanese text, the kana tend to "stick".

Hey, good work.
Why did you post it now and not last year?
It´s worth it.

Every bit of effort people put into Steem is worth it.



Last year, I was not aware of the existence of the STEEM blockchain.

@thebigwhitevan I've been looking at your blog for a long time. I'll upvote your post every time. Your post gets a lot of information from which I like your post.

very good animation sir..

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Wow, what an excellent animation.

I have always liked this style of animation, because it is different and with more freedom.

Great thinking of art @thebigwhitevan keep growing

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What inspired this creativity

Beautiful animation. The Japanese language is one of the most striking and artistic there is, considering its beautiful culture.

Bro in my early days of studies I wanted to be animator , but due to lack of Finanace I was unable to perceive animations , but today I find anaimation at its top , I missed it , thank you for this quality animation , I would love to learn , bro also I am looking for opportunity to work from home if you have any good project kindly let me know

Nice but I do not understand what is this..?
But can you tell me what us kanji animation.?

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Wow this is good educational for learning Japanese letters .
Arigatou gozaimasu.

Nice post

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Well done.

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