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It appears that Dtube cannot process non-ASCII text in titles nor descriptions at this time. The originally intended title is:

電 - 漢字のアニメーション

電気 Denki <-- electricity


Yes. For those learning the Japanese language, it is important to note that 電 is used almost exclusively in compounds. Other common compounds include: 電話(denwa) - telephone, 電球(denkyū) - light bulb and 雷電(raiden) - thunder.

Its original meaning in Chinese is "lightning", but it is rarely used to represent the native Japanese word "inazuma", which is usually written as "稲妻".

Beautiful Kanji, it actually looks like a power line poll. Amazing!


I did a bit of squinting and can now see the resemblance also. The image that comes to my mind when I see this kanji is a thunder storm. 雨 is the character for "rain". 申 is a phonetic element, but I imagine it as a lightning bolt within the context of the full character.

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How to get many votes in your video? any advice?

nice animation~~~ :D

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It appears Dtube is from England :p

nice video

Kanji has so much meaning. The reading also differ from its combination. Thank tou for your animate drawing of this character. It is a good way to remember them.

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Good job my friends

Hey this is great to learn it super easy. It's not that complicated I love.

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Nice post friend

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really rocking animation....keep going

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