Splinterlands: Dark Energy Crystals (animated)

2년 전

@SteemMonsters has now fully transformed into the relabeled brand Splinterlands. The founders @aggroed and @yabapmatt are reinventing the wheel in a frequency, that makes it hard to keep up with. Their latest announcement is the massive economy system for Splinterlands, called 'Dark Energy Crystals. And it comes out tomorrow!

The Crypto Dwarf is reading the official announcement text, with the animated graphic done by @clove71.

His conditions were not ideal, so the whole thing is done in ONE take and without any fancy animations, other than the dwarf and the background. Excuse the dwarf the few times he fell over his own tongue. In the background are authentic chickens to hear, who are backing him up. ;)

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Excited for DEC tomorrow! I bet there's going to be a lot of card burning going on tomorrow. Get your cheap cards now, prices are about to go UP UP UP.

This is awesome! I love the Crypto Dwarf!! Great video!! :-)

Nice explained .. 😊

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