Homeschool Life: Stacking Silver!!!

3년 전

This is my youngest daughter. She is passionate about here silver stacking. Join her as she shows off some of here silver. Everytime she gets money she is quick to turn it into silver. Thanks for watching!


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Start her off with stacking young and she's miles ahead of the curve. Well done.


Thank you. Her Father and her love to stack silver. Her goal is to be able to buy a house with it when she is an adult.

Starting young. You've got a smart one there 😄

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Make sure she becomes aware of the possible Future "Spending Power" of U.S. Clad Coinage... As per my Theory, she can buy Silver for as little as 17 CENTS per Ounce in U.S. Pocket Change, if I'm correct about the U.S. Monetary Reset...
April 12, 2019... #ssg-membership

Great to see. I gave some silver to my nieces but they did not get the virus which is 100% fine with me as well. Greetings to her from Holland or Tulipcountry these spring days.