Homeschool Life: How to Make a Whelping Box for Puppies!!!

3년 전

Today on Homeschool Life my dad, grandpa and I are making a whelping box for our dog to have puppies in. Our dog is going to have puppies the end of the month and we need a new box for the puppies. I hope you enjoy the show.

Thank you for watching!!

Lego lord

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Your video made me smile! 🙂
I was especially moved by the little guy - this small show host. He is so cute in his role which he apparently takes very seriously what gives additional charm to the whole video. (I'm guessing it must be your son?!?)

However, thumbs up 👍 from me! 🙂


Yes it is my son. He loves making videos so I am letting him use my account to post some of them. Trying to foster what he loves to do and give him an opportunity to show it off. Thank you for watching and commenting!

Good to see a young man building something with his hands rather than walking around being a technology zombie!!

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That was a great, informative, creative video!