We will give you 10 Trees for every 100 Plastic Bottles #TreePrice4PlasticBottles

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On Clean Up the World Weekend, World Clean Up Day and International Peace Day, @thegreens put a price on Plastic Bottles as their own contribution to fight Plastic Bottles pollution in the city of Bamenda in the North West Region of Cameroon.
“For every 100 Plastic Bottles you donate to us, we will give you 10 Trees ” said Mr. Green, Founder/Executive Director of The Greens
He made the announcement on the 21st of September which marked the World Clean Up Day, the peak of Clean Up the World Weekend and the International Day of Peace which was being commemorated under the theme “Climate Action for Peace”
Over 1 million plastic bottles are bought every minute with most of these bottles ending up in open dumpsites, landfills, open environment, clogging our waterways and floating on the streams.
These bottles have left the environment with grave environmental consequences such as serving as a breeding ground for mosquitoes and cockroaches, causing flooding, occupying landfill space, killing our biodiversity, etc.
It is for this reason that, The Greens is collecting and rewarding users of plastic bottles with trees, in a bid to stop plastic bottles pollution.
The Greens is repurposing these plastic bottles into;

  1. UPB Vertical Gardens
  • UPB Plant Nursery Pots

  • The Green believes the new approach will greatly contribute in stopping plastic bottles pollution as well as greatly contribute in promoting urban agriculture and arboriculture, hence accelerate food security and combat climate change in the North West Region of Cameroon.
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    What a FANTASTIC post! WOW that is so amazing. Trees for bottles! Absolute genius! You have a new follower @thegreens RESTEEMED AND UPVOTED


    Thanks very much for the words of encouragement and support @sallybeth23. Feeling very inspired and motivated to do more right now.

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    A great initiative to take, reducing plastic waste as well as planting more trees.

    The endless crusade to clean up single use plastic. Kudos for your efforts.

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    Together We’re Making This World A Better Place.

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    A great example of upcycling and minimal waste. A sterling job 💯🐒