Travel in MOROCCO - Agadir - Essaouira - Marrakech - Sahara

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Sharing my 3 weeks in Morocco, Agadir-Essaouira-Marrakech-Sahara

Instagram: thenordicway, simonstromsund @thenordicway, @islanderman

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Dessert experience, Sahara Express,

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My new friend, you produce such incredible content! I shared this video with my daughter and her husband who will be traveling to Morocco later this month. And as you and I have discussed in a different thread, I am planning a trip in May.

I'll absolutely be picking your brain about Morocco as I start to develop my plans in earnest.



Nice, thank you friend! Please, feel free to pick my brain as much as you want :)

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Awesome! Thank you very much!

hey, this is a great video, very funny !! which do you think is the best time for a holiday there? thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie rating


Thank you, friend! For me winter season was perfect! At least on the coast the climate was nice, warm during days and and a little colder during night. And of course if you want to surf the winter is the high season. Not as good waves in summer. If you want a hot holiday you should aim for summer. Then the coast is also packed with Moroccan tourists comming closer to the shore and away from the extreme heat.

Wow it looks amazing the trip to that place, the heat had to be hot hahaha! But I see a lot of fun ♡


The climate was perfect for me during winter :) I don't think I could survive the heat of the Moroccan summer!

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You see a lot of happiness on your face. Morocco is a place I want to visit some time in my life. I like their crafts and their meals, I just need money to travel. Thank you for sharing this great experience! Warm greetings @thenordicway


There is a lot of happiness! It's an amazing country. A good thing is that the prices for both living, food and transportation is pretty cheap. Then it is of course it makes a big difference from where you fly :)


Once I had the opportunity to go to Morocco because I was on the Costa del Sol of Spain but I was traveling with a group and they didn't want to go. I have that outstanding travel debt

Hola, es una foto muy sugestiva. Da la sensación de estar completamente solo, en toda esa inmensidad de arena y médanos. Gracias por compartir. saludos.

Hi, it's a very suggestive photo. It gives the feeling of being completely alone, in all that vastness of sand and dunes. Thanks for sharing. regards.