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The “Batman Head Trading” is the new trend! 😂🤣

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great stuff man. the TA stuff goes over my head but i loved what you said near the end. eos steem bitshares. they make sense because they are scalable and actually work. those ico launches back in 2018 scared me for that simple fact. where was the scalability and use case? i stuck with steem. simple. i understood it lol

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Understanding of TA in terms of charts going with volume of trading need to learn to be a better trader. And be a good HODLERS we just need to understand a better project which will helps us to make 50 or 100x of return in some years .

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Great Technical Analysis sir, love to hear it.

These are fine thoughts. Well articulated and insightful!

Whats up Dan... got me remembering some of the insanity of 17 for sec when you were hitting them 1000x... Question... Lot of new projects out there these days and you haven't talked about to many specific coins or projects in a while aside from steem... Anything new your liking these days?

I definitely never trade on TAs as it is always easier to fundamentally look at projects that innovate and have the potential to disrupt and grow on their roadmaps and not necessarily on traders sentiment. I use it to look at points to scale into positions but bot for determining an investment.

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Powerful teachings I must say, you delivered it great.

great sir we learn a lot great analysis

One thing is for sure @theycallmedan coin prices doesn't go up or down permanently, they go in waves so we just have patience and not sell for a loss. So hodling is still a good way to go.

Hello Dan, there’s one thing that I like doing; listening whiles you talk, your words makes me wiser in crypto world.

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TA or HODL... How about the third option?

I have great respect for folks that are adept enough with TA to make good trades, most of the time. I am most definitely not one of those people.
I just cant trust a chart in a speculative market where asset placement is arbitrary and assets, in most cases, arent evaluated properly. (even if i knew how to do a TA)

What i do instead is evaluate the strength of the project, understand my surroundings, educate myself on the buyers and the sellers, form scenarios and evaluate possible outcomes. Thats why i "knew" the Utopian crowdfund would fail and pointed that out, why i "knew" Drug Wars economy wasnt sustainable, why i "knew" Steem Monsters would succeed (700% ROI on that), why i skipped on Steemhunt due to it being very risky, why ill be supporting the new Steem monsters crowdfund.

I dont do TA or HODL and this is a couple thousand dollars im playing with, not hundreds of thousands like you. I dont even consider myself being an "investor".
But i wanted to point out that theres this third option we all tend to forget because FOMO, hype, FUD, HODL are the keywords of crypto....

I try so hard to understand... But it will take me decades lololll

You went on a big beautiful rant today 😊

What I got from todays dvideo is Scalability. That is what Im looking for my next investments.

Thanks for investing in the projects that help the world. That's really great.

I'm sticking with steem big time, sometimes after listening to you, I seems to understand crypto and other altcoin in another dimension really, awesome video