They Should Have Killed Bitcoin Ten Years Ago

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They should have killed Bitcoin ten years ago. Be confident enough to fail, publically.
Now you want to sell? When it's 95% down? You should have sold a long time ago. you don't quit now you buidl
You didn't sell because you saw value greater then it was now.
Disrespecting yourself with constant second-guessing.
Been through the whole bear market, emotional on every up and every down. They see me refreshed like wtf
investing is about stamina.
Don't let day traders change your mind
don't make twitter heads change your mind.
only let you change your mind.
FYI- hodlers are the richest ones — Winklevoss Twins, Buffet, ETC.

Who is buying the dips?
In a world were valued transfer is controlled by the US government, for the most part, a decentralized method of value transfer is not just wanted, but needed. Bitcoin is the crack, and Fiat is the water that will come raining down.
Why will Bitcoin pump again? Because it can. Any government, for the most part, has enough money to buy a reasonably sized war chest of bitcoin, pass favorable laws and raise the value of bitcoin three fold themselves. Imagine if the news about nation states buying up crypto is real, and Russia does plan to use Bitcoin as the gateway to free themselves from sanctions? If Russia wanted they could buy as much Bitcoin as they wished to, corner the market, pass favorable laws alongside China and Iran, that alone would skyrocket Bitcoin past its ATH. - At the same time, this would hurt Fiat worldwide.

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I couldn’t agree more, keep stacking and steem on. Cheers

best thing i heard all day man and so true.

we can have all the failures in the world because we only need that one win.

and i think the people that have done their research and ignore the fud are swinging for that win.

wow. if we connect on this swing, it’ll change everything.

great stuff man as always.

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If people can just invest what they can afford to lose, then it will be easy to hodler no matter how low the crypto price go.

Yah, I also heard that Russia is planning to sink 10 billion dollars into bitcoin. Man!!! That will really be huge for the price of cryptocurrency. I hope they do it sooner than later.


ya i heard that too

I know fully well that crypto has come to stay ,is true that we are having bear market that will last for some moment and vanish ,so try and keep your hope alive ,if you like you invest but if you invest I tell you that your future is greener .

Stay blessed .

Only the thought that someone might have purchased BTC when it was sitting at 15K or 18K and even consider selling now is crazy.

Just like you said mate. Now it's time to build.

No, I will not sell it now. If I sell it now it will be my biggest folly. Because its price has dropped so much that if I sell now, then I will not get much money. And I know that the pump of course will come. I'm waiting for that time

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The panorama is sad, but being in power at the expense of a country's hunger is not fair, I really do not know what to expect, I say that I am from Venezuela and we are governed by a corrupt populist who intends to use a cryptocurrency to avoid imposed sanctions, a dictator government that wants to stay in power no matter what, :(


I believe only decentralized cryptocurrencies will prevail. Places like Venezuela can create any fiat based crypto they want, and it won't save them. When free market cryptos keep rising in value, and centralized fiat currencies keep going down, the corrupt countries will have no choice but to join the revolution.


Remember, dictators stay in power by their ability to print money. When you take that power away, wars stop, corruption stops. Corruption isn't free, and if you can't print it all caves in.


Exactly!!!! Simple as that. It is not easy for people to see this way because the technology is new and so people don't understand it. Even the corrupt leaders that are buying into cryptocurrency don't know that they are liberating their people from their bad leadership.


Well, there the detail that the cryptocurrency that is intended to be implemented in Venezuela is controlled by the state, so I think that it does not benefit a country that is desperate and dead of hunger, the truth I hope that if it is something positive and is as it says friend to liberate the oppressed peoples, I hope that the panorama is positive for all of us ... is what I want from my heart.

I just wrote about Mark Dow and how he has shorted BTC, he says he is out now and letting it float, time will tell on this one though and Russia yep I covered that one yesterday. :-)

I think we must be mindful. This kind of nations needs to utilize these methodologies to remain in power, to the detriment of the yearning of a people, harming numerous things, just opposing the relinquishment of intensity.


I don't speak on wrong or right; I speak about what I see happening. The big players are going to move the pieces where they want; we can either be in fiat when it collapses or crypto/metals as a haven.

Bitcoin cannot be stopped now.

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The fundamentals are improving daily with Lightning network really improving.

I have made a post documenting how easy it is and a way to get some free satoshis to test it out.

Nice one Dan!
I totally agree - people need to take a long term view on this matter. Markets rise and fall... but you have to look at the macro trend if you really want to get ahead and make the biggest gains!

Upvoted and resteemed :D

Bustin out that knowledge once again! Cryptos is the future, let’s put in the work in the meantime. 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

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exactly!!!! A revolution cannot take place in any aspect of life without working on it.

Yes. Time to build.


Yeah to be honest if it was the early days than I would have been panicked and that is the feeling that many are getting as probably they are not getting the whole scenario here and and moreover they are are seeing the front-yards and not the long term goal the impatience can be really something hard to master but once seen the bigger picture it becomes clear to have that goal and wait for the right moment.

While the inspirational words were indeed amazing and yeah looking forward to the long run and into it as much as possible.

Cheers stay well buddy !!

Price doesn’t matter when fundamentals continue to demonstrate strong underlying factors that support growing adoption via transactions between wallets as we have seen consistently. There will always be factors pushing price both ways but the trend is clear for the long term.

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I Truly love your way of thinking and the brilliant way you introduce your train of thought in all your videos Brother @theycallmedan. Keep inspiring the world with your brilliant mindset brother. May You Always Live in the Abundance of Love and Blessings. #zap

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People say bitcoin is slow... but hey - yes you had a point IT FUCKING WORKS
On the other hand... I've send some relatively large amount of money through few addresses with bitcoin, and I waited for about 2 hours to complete all that. I was a bit pissed like - I've sent it and I'm waiting - I want it now!!

Then I realized if I used a bank, I would need to spend 20minutes to actually go to the bank, then wait in the queue... and then to fill some procedures - these things people forget when they say bitcoin is slow - ok. Use fiat instead - be in a stone age.

Cryptocurrency is a ground so fertile for scammers, and lots of bad things - but technology, ideology and usefulness for its "experienced/careful" users is just ENORMOUS!


Amen brother. You are exactly right. I remember the days of AMZN and how it was a joke they could not turn any profit and it plummetted in stock price.

I am smart money as Iam accumulating in small amounts when Steem goes lower. Looking to buy some more at $.20 :)

Great bro, as always , thanks you for this inspirational video about bitcoin and its reality in this world.

Such an interesting rumor. But holding (or buying) on rumors is more like gambling. Does BTC compete longterm against newer, more sophisticated cryptos?


In the form of a decentralized store of value, I would say it is unique. And what I said about the nation states is more of a macro outlook, sure some news about Russia came out, but I have seen this scenario play out since I got into crypto.

It is a delicate situation, yes, it is true, bitcoing will increase its current value, which is what we have been waiting for months, but at what price will we have to pay for that to happen? We are talking about a country with a dictatorial system that has hurt a lot. There are many countries with populist regimes that seek these options to perpetuate themselves in power.


I Think Cryptocurrency will do more good than evil, like liberating people financially, making them financially free and independent.

If you know the extent of poverty in the world especially in Africa, you will understand what am talking about.


Right now countries can hyper-inflate and control who sends what where. Free market money such as crypto, specifically decentralized cryptos, will only give people of corrupt countries a way out of a dying fiat system. The person that controls the money controls the population.

Is this good news? I think we have to be cautious ... this type of countries wants to use these strategies to stay in power, at the expense of the hunger of a people, damaging many things, only resisting the abandonment of power.


Whether the news is good or bad is irrelevant. If it is going to rain tomorrow, you pack an umbrella and prepare yourself. I believe that decentralized crypto fights countries that hyper-inflate and control the fiat currencies. Free market money such as crypto, specifically decentralized cryptos, will only give people of corrupt countries a way out of a dying fiat system.

It helps for me not having any way to cash out LOL

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I have 2 bitcoin. I was buying for $ 17,500 in 2017. Selling at present will cause a lot of losses. So be patient. prices may increase in some days.

@theycallmedan, At the end of the only it depends upon our mindset and what our Intuition is moving ahead for. In my opinion, in life people miss one big KEYYYYYY and that is, everyone's reality is different and may be they are thinking from different dimensional levels. Our decision will make us or break us, and current breakdown situation is not sign of just hardships, but may be it's an process of construction towards something mind boggling phase which is not yet come under anyone's light.

In my opinion we can define an effective holder as, holding the best for in times of test. May be we are not moving forward with money, but in my opinion we are moving forward with value and there is big difference between money and wealth because, wealth helps when everything expires. I am the holder with action and i am ready to fail while following my Intuition because at least i will not regret in future, with If this and if that. Keep motivating brother, words are power, either it can destroy or it can construct. Stay blessed brother. 🙂

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I've been in this game since 2015 and my first big come up was with NLC2 thanks Dan! Big changes are coming soon is all I know. Ride or Die, all the way.

That was actually fun to read that Russia wants to buy Bitcoin in February. I believe if they're smart enough, they're building it right now. It can go as low as $1800 but the upside potential for them is not as important when it's going to jump up to $100k.

However I'm seeing pension funds and tokenized securities of existing companies that can help to start a new bull trend. You never know for sure.

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Yo creo que si los rusos invierten esa cantidad estimada en BTC su valor no se bajaría de 10.000$.

Wow 😯

I believe that bitcoin and all its consequences are the new economic revolution that leaves the centralized systems behind. It is obvious that there are many people interested in this failing ... I really liked your post, definitely, we can not give up before a bear market. Regards!

Everyday i also come across people asking for selling it and i simply say them one thing that this is the time to either buy or hodl, selling is not the option now buying is.

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As everyone knows cryptocurrency market is very volatile so we have to invest only that amount of money which we afford to loose. Selling at this point at this rate don't make sense. This is time of hold or buy more. What if history repeats. Then what will the price of Bitcoin? So be patient and hold and see.


In January of 2018 bitcoin's price was 17,600 Usd.
2019 now 3,679 Usd.

5 double prices have dropped in one year.


Over the last 24 months bitcoin is up 350%.

Hmm.. there are powerful and experienced people out there.. especially in the finance sector..
they actual bitcoin movements are only pump & dump manipulations.
I don't think any country will take to risk trying to make them debt free, but ending with more debt..

Bitcoin will never die.

Bitcoin is the future... Who sell there crypto gonna be so sorry.. Very motivational video @theycallmedan ... Blessings to you.

This, yes. I've been wondering for a while now if central banks are buying bitcoin and ethereum (maybe other cryptos). The cost to them to acquire a significant coin supply would be such a tiny fraction of their reserves. It almost seems silly that they wouldn't be, yet no official word anywhere. I think this could be the news the launches the biggest bull run we've ever seen for crypto. And it almost seems inevitable, like why wouldn't one of these countries spend a tiny fraction of funds to accumulate 5% of ethereum supply?

Lol I just tried to pronounce coagulate last week and failed too. Hard word.

Amazing video as usual, so excited for the future 💪

bitcoin Gradually collapses