Unknown Error, Unknown Future


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Okay, I've been trying to upload a new video on Dtube. I can't. There is this familiar Unknown error again. Before, it worked out by logging out and then back in from steemit and dtube. But now, I had countless attempts already, to no avail. Tried uploading a smaller file, still can't. Anyone else experiencing this now?!

I really like using videos to tell a story or share information. I want to support the blockchain and decentralization movement. But...

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I have exact the same problem. Yesterday i wanted to upload a video. Evereytime when i click "Submit" the Unknown Error appeared. I've tried to log out and log in again and rendered the video to smaller file size. After a lot of tries I'm a little bit demotivate now. It will be nice when this will be fixed!!! Sadly I have no idea to fix it for myself...


It was frustrating, have you fixed it by now? I had to use YouTube to not make my video go to waste. I'll try DTube again if I have a new video, but would move on to YT after max 2 tries maybe. Clinging to DTube at this point is just counterproductive.


I tried it for a few hours again. And again it failed. It's sad becaus d.tube is a good alternative video platform. I really wish d.tube works on that problem.

I have tried no less than 50 times over the last month, log ins, diff browsers, diff files, & sizes. I even went as far as to use my Wife's Laptop, it still has that HORRIBLE MICROSLOTH O.S. on it....... still no luck.

Any one got any ideas.?