My Experience on Steemit after 6 months as a Blogger


Hi in this video, I share my experience as a Blogger using the platform Steemit.

I was lucky to get involved near the start and to meet some amazing people from there.

I also went to Steemfest 2 to met some of the gang, which was a blast!

So, in my experience, I would say :

  1. Take your time blogging. It's better to have few quality posts then a load of posts that you rushed.
  2. Like any social network, make friends on there and have fun.
  3. Blog to help people or to entertain people, not to make money. If your stuff is high quality and you're consistently posting, the money will come in the end, but it shouldn't be the end goal!

I hope you like this video and please post your comments below.


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Good job Tomas! I wish I can be a good blogger some day!



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Really insightful post. You have done a lot of stuff in this community in such a short amount of time! I hope to follow in your footsteps fellow steemian. Thanks for this post!


Yeah!! Need to learn more how to create a better quality content, so excited about this steemit community.


Nice, I advice blogging about stuff you enjoy and that you're good at too.
For creating videos, I recommended spending as much time looking at microphones and audio as at looking at camera and video. Audio is super important and a lot of people do often forgot that.


Thank you, I'm glad you found this video insightful!

Yeah, I've basically just created a load of posts about stuff I know about and I'm also part of the Promo-UK Steem team.
I forgot to mention that I also went to Steem Fest 2 in 2017 which was a blast and a few of my friends are also on Steemit, which helps!

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Hi tomasgeorge thank for the video please always vote for me.

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I'm new on steemit,follow and upvote me,and I return that back..Thanks


Hey, can you follow me back!! :)

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I'm following you now...sorry for late:)

Great post. There are many people taking all kinds of shortcuts just trying to get their posts noticed (and upvoted). Slow, steady, and quality wins the race.

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Thank you for your points. I agree with you.You are right, you have to be consistent and post good quality content otherwise you will lose your attraction.
Being a new user, these things gonna help me a lot.


Thank you, I'm glad you like my video.
Yes, I just hope everyone creates high-quality content, then the platform would have some more great value to offer a lot of readers and investors.

these one is quite interesting

It's great to hear your experience in Steemit as when i first joined Steemit, I wanted to make as much friends as possible and engage with them as different people have different interest and it is fun to read and learn from different kind of people's post. I got to learn a lot of stuff that I didn't even know.

I wish you all the best! @tomasgeorge


I've been studying steemie for at least 10 hours a day for a week, it's so good :)
But very few friends


That's very good.. the amount of time you put in Steemit will definitely payoff!
I wish you all the very best! @stewardessa

Will be looking forward to your upcoming post
Goodluck! :)


Make friends by commenting! I read that at least 20 - 50 (if you can handle 50 lol) comments per day is ideal!

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its a great idea to interact with new people by commenting on their on my way to 100 comments /day


It is true, when someone comments on your post you usually always click their profile and peek around lol

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lol i do it whole day.


My target is a million comments a day.


may be :)


Yeah it can take a bit of time. I'd say just post about what you enjoy doing and the followers will come. However, give it a bit longer than a week though.


Nice, thank you! Yes, it's a really fun platform :)

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I wish it was that easy for those without a massive following


Nice one @tomasgeorge
You are actually saying the truth.


Thank you, I'm glad you like this video!
Yeah, I wanted to say my honest opinion and not to pretend I'm any kind of crypto expert, which I'm not haha.


cool tomas! thanks for sharing! I think you spoke in a very authentic manner. Like the style of your video! Much more calm and just like you would talk normally!


Nice, thank you. I wasn't too sure if I was being 'too honest' in this video, but I just wanted to share my experience and I'm really glad people seem to like this video :)


👍. :D

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You wanna Know my best part in that video ?😂

I don't know about crypto , But I know about music production & teaching people online

Hehehehe that part gat me 👍. Well said


Haha, yeah I didn't want to pretend I was any kind of crypto expert, I just wanted to share my honest opinion.
Thank you though Rufans, I'm glad you liked this video!

Amazing tips! :D


Thank you!

I am a new member of steemit, from Mexico, can not wait to get involved. Thanks for your post, you encouraged me.

UPvoted! Wow 6 months and you have achieved quite the accomplishments! #goals!


Thank you!

thanks for the great advices! we will try to follow them @tomasgeorge !


Nice, thank you!

sharing your experience will really help us as a new steemit users i appreciate that thank you and i wish you all the best

wow is very interesting advices nice friend, I am starting in this appasionate world


Thank you!

Noiiice video!
Man, thanks for that, I'm super relieved.
You are living proof to me that you can "make it" on this platform without necessarily having to become a crypto expert. because frankly, when my buddy first tried to explain it to me my head almost exploded and I am less than confident I'll ever get to grips with all the intricacies of crypto and what blockchain really is haha And I'm barely a week in. >->
thank gawwwd hahaha
toodles and rock on! ~~ ♡


You sound like me lmao... My husband tries desperately to dumb it all down, but I can truly only grasp about 20% of the words that come out of his mouth. I guess I'm just lucky one of us knows wtf is going on :) We'll get there eventually!


hahaha omg this made me giggle.
I realise it's a bit cliché but thank god for the tech-savvy men in our lives. >___>
We can do it! (with a little help) XD


Lmao Exactly, but in my case a LOT of help! Just had another crypto convo today and could feel my brain melting while my eyes glazed over bwahaha. Keep on keepin on girl!


Thanks, yeah I'm not a cypto expert haha.
Some of my friends are and it's a different language. I'm starting to understand it though, just about!


Good on you! :D Well it gives me hope I'll get there at some point hahaha
Mostly I haven't moved very far from this stage of things:
I feel like you really need someone to "hold your hand" a bit when you first get into it. Honestly, I have no Idea how some people manage to educate themselves about crypto so well, I mean I don't even understand most (supposedly) explanatory material I find. It's definitely like learning a different language!

I think steem is great I like to blog more than making vids ,,I also started steem about 6 months ago .... lots of fun .... and learned lots and lots .... blows YouTube out of the water ...and no I don't make much on it but still love the idea and platform ....


Yeah, you're right, it is loads of fun :)

Very cool. Thanks for your insights. I am a songwriter/artist and also a record producer. Really enjoying the potential of the platform and starting to find some great authentic people to follow whose interests I share. Looking forward to your posts!


Thank you Ben! I still need to start posting on the Steemit open mic at some point. I've heard a lot of good things about that.


Whats a good website to hear your music?

오늘 처음 시작했습니다. 좋은 컨테츠를 올리도록 하겠습니다.

I share the same opinion as you more quality and less trash!


Nice! Yes, the less trash the better.

I enjoyed your article
I'm a newbie. I love steemit business idea, and have migrated from blogger to steemit;
But i have concerns:

  • how sustainable is the business model so we can assure this will keep on going. After all, blogger & adsense belong to alphabet and probably stays in the market

  • I'm also concerned about things some people say about the whales....

  • steemit sees some duplicate and worthless content which can threaten its value


I would just say create the best content you can and keep blogging and offer as much value as possible on the platform and to the Steemit community.

Thank you for sharing this with us, taking your time blogging is extremely underrated. I wish everyone would focus on quality and not quantity. I hope you have a blessed 2018.


Thank you, I hope you have a great 2018 too!

Thank you @tomasgeorge for sharing this experience as for me now you are an experienced steemian since i am kind of new here. I would really like to walk on your steps and the most important is to have fun. You have my vote 👍🏼
Thank you


Nice, thank you!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and advises on Steemit! As a beginner steemian, I appreciate it. :)


Thank you, I hope this video helped!

Ok bro. Now interact with the comunity.


For real! I wonder how much he paid for the robot promoters.

Thanks for your video, maybe one day my blog on steemit will be on the same level like yours. ;) Im fresh here so i have to learn a lot. :D

@tomasgeorge, whoooa.... pretty review. i love it. good and outstanding performance. looking forward for more review


Thank you!
Yes, I'll definitely be doing another review for my 1-year journey and few others along the way.

Thanks for sharing your experience @tomasgeorge


No worries, thank you for reading my blog and I hope my video offered some kind of value to you.

Thanks for this video!
It really inspired me to also start with Steemit.


No worries, thank you for reading my blog and I hope my video offered some kind of value to you.

Good tips, trying to build a trading blog here too :)

There's a great investment opportunity in Steem Dollars right now. Check out my analysis :)

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 19.59.26.png



Hay Follow for Follow?


yas follow me i follow u!

Hi can someone answer my newb question. I see this post has earned 460 dollars, but is that 460 US dollars or 460 Steem dollars?


it is split between the creator and the author. And from that it is than split between SBD and SP. Each the SBD and the SP have different real cash values. You can trade the SP and SBD into cash by transferring it into coinbase.

good advise... thanks!


Thank you, I'm glad you found some value from my post!

Great advice brother! I am using Steemit more and more these days. Cheers!


Thank you, I'm glad you found this video useful.

this is true man "It's better to have few quality posts then a load of posts that you rushed"



Congrats on your recent success. :)


Thank you!


You're welcome

great experience. I will definitely follow your footsteps to get success in steemit community. Thanks for sharing your experience

Yes, definitely agree with you. Steemit is actually a lot of fun once you put the money aside for a while.

Funny thing is, people who care about the money less probably make the more :p

Short & sweet and very helpful, thanks :)

I really like this platform and i'm learning about it more everyday i also trade in the market sometimes so i know a little about crypts and charts etc. I believe this platform is what crypto needs to get the average person to see the possibilities of what it can be.

I always appreciate good advice and I like what I hear you saying......


Thank you!

Good to know experienced users' view :) . I have just started and looking for get into this new eco-system. I very much have same opinion about all of your 3 points. In a month, I will also be posting something very substantial from my own experiences.

I have been here for 3 weeks and I love it. thank you for your video


Thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying the community

Steemit is a GREAT platform to connect to people, sharpen your writing skills and get sway from the stagnation of conventional social media. This platform allows people to be gauged by their individual commitment to find, develop and sharpen the skills of that niche. Doing this in anything in life will reap great rewards....even if you don't make a single $$$

Thanks for making this post! I have been trying to get more involved in the community and learn more about Steemit before I have to start classes again. It's awesome to see where you've gotten to in 6 months!

Nice to meet you Thomas!

amazing story! cheers!

I just made a post about my first 30 days on Steemit. What a great community to be able to come here and be welcomed so readily. I was surprised how welcoming it was when I first got here and how perseverance really pays off.
Nice post.

Good job.

@tomasgeorge I'll take this advice to heart thanks

@tomasgeorge Thank you for sharing your experience. Is great post like this that allow others like me to take notes..and learn. The Steemit journey can be a bit of bumpy road. Tons to learn. Wishing all the best here, and a phenomenal 2018. - @splendorhub

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Hahaha okay, great!!!😁

Great exprence bro thanks for sharing

This is really inspiring me personally.
I believe you worked hard,, so you are gaining gold now and from now on.
Keeep it up

what is your definition of "rubbish" ? thanks!

Hi bro, nice to meet you, I like your words about Blog to help people or to entertain people, not to make money, that's cool 😀

waaaoooow yhis is awesome post m very inpire to that post after reading your post am very motivated to your post ....and your 6mounth ecperience is very good


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Nicely put! I'm pretty new and am trying to find my place on this platform. Like someone else said, it is hard to make friends.. the interactions are brief which is fine, but comments lack any real interest. I'm giving it time, its inspiring to hear others experiences. Keep on keepin on!

nice work

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Nice Post.. By @dhifa

Hello and Thanks for Nice Post. I followed you and would appreciate a follow back. I'm looking forward to see more posts! Have a great day and have fun. Welcome!

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Have fun and give knowledge are one of the best things !

Thanks for the direction. I'm trying to figure out what type of content I want to share here on Steemit.

  ·  작년

Appreciate the share bro, as a newer guy in Steemit there are still a ton of things to learn and learn!

  ·  작년

Thanks for your post@tomasgeorge!

Successful blogger indeed! Thank you for this insightful information. It seems like common sense, but many people including myself make some pretty critical errors. It would really be nice to earn a successful income on steemit as a blogger, but for me, even being paid mere pennies for my thoughts is still something that has never happened before, and for that I must express the upmost gratitude.

very impression your post, I really like, I want to like you what is its secret?

if you wish please visit my blog, i need your support .thank you

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man its a really motivation to the people who are new here ,& patience is the key to success.

Steem for Steemians ! Next meeting at $ 10.70

This is very inspiring and helpful for someone who is just starting here on Steemit. I found this website few weeks ago and I did not know what I was doing. I got lots of questions and one or two Steemians were able to answer just few of the simplest things I asked. It pays to read and reach out to the community I am glad I did not quit and now I am starting to learn again and continue this Steemit journey.

Great video. I am very new here and have just started to understand Steemit but have no idea how DTube works.

I see that you have earnings on your DTube video posts as well. Are those separate from your earnings on

the best experience

U r superb bro

Your story is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your video and your advice of creating quality content.

Great post.

Good thoughts on your experience.
I started myself in May 2017, but quickly lost track on it as I did not know how behave on the platform on Steem. Since approximately a month it took back my attention and day by day I am learning more and more.
Video's from people like you, who share their experience, help me a lot.
Of course, in the beginning many people think "let's go for the money!" and that's it.
But I am trying to figure out how to feel accepted by the community by writing good contents, so the appreciation will follow.
Cheers from Belgium and good luck with music blog!

I think your Post is for a big group of people very helpful!
Thx for making this Website for us!
Upvote when your in my opinion @alokkamboj

Wow how did you do it, ive been here for almost the same time , but havent gotten anywhere

Thank you very much, my friend, I hope it will be 6 months :)

Please follow me. I post stories, motivational quotes, I also blog about history and also Cryptonews. Thanks. And remember to support by upvoting.

So how do you do your research to make posts that will interest people?

Good point of view. As a newbie who are desperate for alternatives to centralized platform with way to much power. Without knowing it, FB and Google was so important for my life, income and everything. I don't even know how it went so fare. Hope Steemit will replace a lot of it, and I look forward to get know with the system of payments. I also read some great articles her and hopefully an old mans tech skills are growing.

Good to have some inspiration from someone who is still happy after 6 months

Streemit is fresh.. You've really gone far bruv

Like any social network, make friends on there and have fun.

  ·  작년

Are you posting more on steemit or D Tube? (or equal)

I just got my head around steemit and it feels like the old days of internet and more real and organic. It's not rushed. i really don't get this bot thing though, do these guys ban them? i mean I followed one as the news story was ok but then realised it was a robot.

  ·  작년

I agree with you @tomasgeorge I've only been on steemit for just about the past 2 months now and its very obvious who puts the time and effort into their post to make them original and who does it just to make money and spam the shit out of this place. Good tips for sure.

I love your article. It is good to have a right mindset before blogging steemit

very interesting experience on how you began you journey on steemit we pray you get to a more higher level.

do you generally blog about the same topic or do you find people like a variety of topics? Great post!

Warm thanks. Cannot agree more

This is nothing, but the truth to steemit beginners that they should think about professionalism not money👍

  ·  작년

thank you for sharing your experience

I couldn’t agree more. I am also one who is not real familiar with crypto currencies. I am a70 year old realtor in the Orlando area and just want to learn how to promote my business as well as the Orlando housing market. So,a little advice goes a long way.

We all have to be patient .

That 's right. Hi, I'am Yell from Aceh, exactly Indonesia. Are you know where is that? Nice to read your post.

Your work is impressive. I'll take an example from you.

  ·  작년

Wow!! I'm new here...But i believe there's no missing out in opportunities...

It's an honored to be here being one of the #Steemit Families

I sincerely need #Followers


hello hello today I could read your post is very interesting your point of view of how we should make each post I share your opinion and I want to add these elements to STEEMIT
Hard work
Finally my good friend I invite you to read my post I know you like it, also share with friends and family. Please give me up vote and comment. Remember together we can help each other

Love the video, and great content. Starting following you as I am a music producer too. me and my friend @minigunner are new, but already heads in to this great @Steemit and @dtube and @dlive families! Will check more of your videos for sure!

great video :D and yes steem it's a wonderful place I've been able to make so many friends hire is so awesome money&blogs&freinds hehe Stemit 😀😀😀

Keep up the good work, Tomas!

Greta post thanks

Have just bought some music coin seems a good team

keep on steeming

Thanks so much for this advice.. Im in the process on writing a long introduction. Hoping to share it soon. have a beautiful day. followed ;-)

  ·  작년

Good luck in your steemit journey. After watching your review I'm confident steemit will attract a healthy number of content providers.

Wooh! What a ride.... Thanks for the reminders@tomasgeorge!


No worries, thank you for reading my blog and I hope my video offered some kind of value to you.


Yes, it offers a lot of information!

Aw! Thank you so much for this. This is a big help for me as a new steemian. More power to you!

You were so lucky getting involved in Steemit from the very beginning. Congrats.


Yeah, I really was. I luckily listened to my friend who told me that I needed to get onboard.

Advice noted. Thanks!

This so informative especially to a newbie like me. Thanks for sharing this 😊

Congratulations @tomasgeorge!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 6 with $ 576,42

Creating new rather than resteem-ing is my final goal!

This post has received a 6.20 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @tomasgeorge.

"Take your time blogging. It's better to have few quality posts then a load of posts that you rushed."- well said! :)

This is actually the first DTube video that I've watched and have to say it's not bad at all, fully agree that quality content is key. Everyone should save the shit-posting for Facebook where it belongs, thats where all of my stupid unsuccessfull or failed memes and posts will hopefully stay, this definitely ain't the place. Thanks for the useful tip @tomasgeorge, think it's starting to make sense.

I'm just hoping that this platform will improve soon and include more options for better resolution and also the ability to directly embed my videos like the other sites, it needs to happen and when it does, my best content will be uploaded here daily. It's not about the crypto-currency for me, it's all about the awesome idea behind this new social/video sharing platform. Facebook and YouTube have become scary monsters that have aquired way too much power and control over us, recommend staying far away from them. Have fun friends and don't be afraid to evolve and try new things. The future is finally here..

I appreciate you sharing your experience,this would surely help us around.Thank you.


No worries, thank you for watching :)

This is the best post on Steemit. I gave you a vote now, ya heard?

Hey right on man :D

Siteemitda gordugum en basarili sayfalardan bir tanesi rica etsem bana geri donermiain

yes..great and help for me thank you.

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So true all you hv said. This information can go well for the new comer and Old alike, timely articulated information.

The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn't think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential.
Steve Ballmer

I appreciate this sir

congratulations good post and excellent suggestion, so it should be, not focus on what you generate, but on what you do and share to entertain, help, inform and share in the steemit community ... regards

  ·  작년

Thank's man helps a lot also to make sure to not make many mistakes here on steemit, mainly when starting off. Nonetheless, it's still hard, even with quality content. New users who do not have a huge following (outside of steemit) have to put even more effort in to it.

Hell ya I'm excited to make my review in a month or so as well :)

very insightful :)
Glad I joined!

Hey Tomas! Thank you so much for the thoughtful post. I was wondering, how long have you been on social media? You had mentioned that one shouldn't expect over night success, especially if they aren't on other platforms. How long have you been on youtube/etc. before you joined Steemit?? Thanks!

Thanks for the advice. I'll keep giving the community great Art & Journey.

Your growth as a blogger on Steemit is remarkable, I feel inspired. I am also posting quality posts only. Until now I have not not received good engagement on my posts but that's how thing works with a WordPress blog too. So I will keep writing posts that will add value to this amazing community.

Inspiring post!

I'm trying hard to get more readers and followers by providing useful information that can help other users.

If you have some time, please check-out my blog as I would greatly appreciate the support.

Thank you.


wow, what a great start here
cheers mate


Thank you!

hello friend I completely agree with you is better to do few blog but quality I am new in steemil and I thank you so I will take that as a good advice I will follow you


Thank you!

Hello Every One ?anybody help me ?? how to transfer steem dollar in local bank account ?

With youtube having alot of issues i believe they should move their crowd base over here. much more transparent

@tomasgeorge So nice, thanks for share your experience


No worries, thank you for watching my video :)

Today i open this dtube account and feeling happy to watch you .

great content and so useful actually for new steemians
keep it on dear
good luck

Im not new on steemit One day i wish To become a succes full blogger there too And Also To promote My music Thanks for This post !

As someone new to the platform, I feel that a lot of the posts and comments that I've read are contrived, and the use of bots/self-promoting low-quality content are large issues that need to be reduced in order to see mass, organic growth of the platform. Fortunately, we are still in beta, and I believe that the development team will figure out solutions to at least somewhat mitigate these issues. I'm going to continue using the platform because I still see high-quality content being created and curated. Thanks for sharing your ideas!


Yeah, that is true, however, I still believe there is room for high-quality content.

But you're right low-quality content can be a bit of a problem, but we get this on all platforms unfortunately.

Bro Consistency is the KEY!!

thank you so much, i will try like you

Very valid points! I tried to post daily but then I understood it was about quality over quantity. Also, since I have started to actually exchange dialog with folks, I noticed my follower count go up and comments. Interaction is everything! I mean that is why we are one here :) I love all things spirituality so I naturally post about holistic ways of living that can help others. Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for sharing your tips and experience on this platform. I'm a new member and I'd like to blog for fun more than earn money. I'll follow you. Warm regards from Venezuela.

I like your word of wisdom that I quote from your description "If your goods are high quality and you consistently post, the money will come in the end, but it should not be the ultimate goal!

I hope you like this video and submit your comments below.

i am a beginner and newcomer in dtube and i would love you to be my mentor to be as successful as you on dtube. I beg you to give me some tips for your success

  ·  작년

Yeap agree, good sharing! Blogging on steemit with a sole purpose of making money have a greater chance of leading to disappointment and frustration. Keep a stable emotion and have fun interacting with others is much more important!


That's true. I feel like a lot of people (and myself at the start of my steemit journey) think it's going to be easy where people will follow them and upvote them soon as they join, but really it takes time and a lot of blogging. In my experienced anyways..

a very rewarding experience, hope someday to be a successful person in steemit like you. And I really like your experience at number 3!

  ·  작년

Indeed! Blog is not just about making money mind set. Its also helping others.

  ·  작년

I find steemit and D.Tube great crypto assets that are slept on.

Thats a really good video. Hope to see more in Future. I will look now for your Music :)

Will be following you. I'm a new aspiring blogger myself, focused primarily on social issues, crypto currencies, politics and will likely do some other personal interest pieces on music and chess. Hope you have more luck to come!

thanks for helping

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steemit is the idea that the blockchain will bring into our lives and is not just a speculation object

I am doing your suggestions right now I want you to be my friend. hahahaha

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Aww not to present here but this post gave me life thanks

Glad Steemit is a success for you. But you do have the right attitude. If you're in it for the long term you will do well. You're doing better than me and I hold the same principles. However I don't look at what others voted for, what they earn, and don't participate in any of the things on offer, that's because as a carer I don't get much time. Steemit is a good place to be, because despite all the rubbish on here, there are people who shine and posts that inspire or interest or that you simply have to admire. I count a few friends on Steemit and they become more precious as I see their growth. Thanks for this post and good luck for the next six months and beyond! Following you to see how you evolve.

amaing stuff. Thank you for sharing your story.
I as a beginner will continue to follow it

Really insightful post. You have done a lot of stuff in this community in such a short amount of time! Thanks for this post!

Great Video, wishing you much success on Steemit!

Great post, It's great to see people having success! Upvoted and resteemed!

Keep up the good work! Fellow Brit here also loving Steemit.

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great tips

Thank you for video. I was a fan of YouTube but changed my opinion just right now. I started my channel on D.Tube and hope it will be interesting for viewers. If you have time — pls check my firrst attempt and leave your comments. Thanks in advance!

this is interisting know..

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People need to be educated on how to use Steemit. Your video helps to do that. Thanks

I'm new to Steemit - still contemplating my direction with it and learning but I think very good advice here and its encouraging.

One of the reasons I came here was to find a venue that isn't so saturated with meaningless clickbait. Steemit is still young I suppose, but it actually seems pretty good so far. Your points are a good mindset for keeping it real.

Thanks very much Tomas super informative content im new to steemit i am focusing on helping people on steemit with a 90 day ecommerce course that i am going thru to learn how to make money online , its free content and videos everyday for 90 days so i wanted to share this 90 day free course with everybody. Thanks Tomas.

My English is not very good but I want to thank you for this post! very good content with which I could see a light since I was a little frustrated. Thank you very much @tomasgeorge ^^

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Nice to meet you.
The blog is really great.
I will learn a lot.
Please visit my blog as well.
Thank you. I wish you happiness.
@kyju / Korean

Great advice for a rookie like me, though that quality should be a priority isn’t exactly news. Thanks.

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good posting!
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This post is a really insightful one that is very encouraging! I agree with you 100% that posts should be of good quality and have work and thought put into them.
Thank you for sharing some advice and putting a smile on my face with your humor! :)

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Thank you for shairng your experience using steemit to all the community, I really like posting and uploading videos on dtube, I am glad I found you. It is amazing that you invite others to this amazing platform! n_n My best wishes to you @tomasgeorge

Well when it comes to content sometimes it is not as linear as good = upvotes / crap content = rubbish content.

I would love it to be like that. And luckily there are a lot of People here that do a good curation but still there are a lot of good content out there not being seen while a lot of crap content is getting to the trending and doing a lot of money with it.

It is also subjective and maybe get noticed by a whale that actually find You interesting and like You as a person and get You that push...

In the end and even if it is way better than all the other social networks.... It is a Social network.... So luck and connections are a little bit related and help a lot... :D

To end this.... I Love the community here and I wouldn't go anywhere else now :D

Thank you for telling us about your experiences, I think that gives us the motivation to remain constant and make publications with good content.

I've just found your profile, great stuff, I'm on a similar path, using Steemit to produce Music Tech related content. Your are spot on about taking time over your content, I'm making some tutorials at the moment and it's about two hours work to put it all together but looks great when it's live...