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Instead of powering up the steem directly, buy votes at while you post amazing content and get the steem power that way. Get your great content seen by everyone on the steem blockchain practically free.

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I am biased to this, since I delegated a part of my SP to smartsteem for passive earnings of steem and sbd.

But @smartsteem really can help you as you build up your steem earnings.

Try it.

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This is great advice as long as you steer clear from downvotes. I have been doing this strategy since I started, But you can get rekted If the big boys See it and flag. Regardless of whether it's a good reason or not, flagging can destroy you. If you just power up directly there is no risk of being flagged.


Yea thats why I say not too get too greedy and to post great content thats worth its weight in value


Damnit my vote isnt even a penny i need more steem. Was waiting for a lil correction before i got some more. So i can actually try this out. Selling my vote this low wont get me nothing. Whats your opinion Tre wait lil longer to grab some more or this is the time? I really dont want to buy after 30% gains in past cpl days with the market trend were in.

Smarsteem is definitely awesome. I like to use it when I know I'm not going to be active for a while on Steemit.

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You forgot to mention that by buying votes you can earn Steem Plus Points. I don't know if you are in on this Trevon but owning SPP gets you proportional upvotes. It is a great browser extension; I highly recomend.

Signup with smartsteem to sell you unused upvotes. HIGHLY RECOMEND!

This is a nice advice from you. We should not only power up our steem but we should try buying votes from smartsteem to promote our good content to earn more visibility

Hey Trevon your the reason why I joined steem when I did about 15 months ago. I left steemit for awhile around same time you had your drama here but im back and glad to see you back on here. Your the first crypto YouTube channel i ever subscribed to back when you were giving out $800 in btc. Good times 😁 hope we reach those ath’s again probably during the next bitcoin halfing I agree with you on that. You still got your neo bag?

Some one does not like that and yesterday, I did buy a vote, saw later that steemcleaners downvoted lovejuice. If it is blacklisted, then why put it on steembottracker?

Thanks for the tips, will look into it

I love your videos, whats the name of the Mic yo use for the videos?

Ima try this out last time i powered up to 800 steem basically at ath’s and it took forever to power down when everything was in freefall. Nice to have different options now.

Finally getting the hang of this been on steem for a year now and only now starting to figure it out thanks to your video

I cant open you video

We will see. I'm down. Thanks for the tip.

Thank you so much for participating the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

Is it worth it to delegate SP if you only have 100 SP?

This is great tre! I literally started this yesterday and it's already started to work... I need to continue to get my steem bags up!

Not sure what I'm doing wrong, definitely need help with my account. Im using Steepshot for posting pics but not able to get a push from some reason.

Good Day @trevonjb ! If compare minnowbooster and which service you will prefer? As I remember in previous year you delegated huge amount to minnowbooster. What is your opinion about this expirience?

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This. Also magic dice... would you share your delgation split?


Now I don't delegate to any service because my SP is not so high. But when I'll have enought SP I'll certanly do it!

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Great info... Steem on!

Hey can someone give me some advice whats best way to go about starting with smart steem i just got 30 steem power and 15 steem in my account rn but plan on getting more in near future.

Maybe create a cpl good content and buy upvotes?


Scratch that just bought about $100 worth of steem and created my smartsteem account its awesome thanks Tre for introducing me to this. Ill probably power up to 100 steem power right away and create content to buy votes with the rest throughout the next month.

I really like this strategy. I didn't even know it existed. Thanks Trevon for bringing this to my attention. Keep bringing us info on utilizing Steem better because there aren't a lot of good sources to learn how to utilize this blockchain. I really appreciate your advise on this!

probably one of the first thing to do after you have steem account. in case you're away or holiday, VP mana can be utilise.

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