Technology Is Becoming Indistinguishable From Reality

2년 전

A lot of people are about to get lost in a false reality being billed as a techno-utopia... "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." — Arthur C. Clarke

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Woooooooo(t)!!! Way to go A&M!!! Great to see you posting on Steem :)

I think that's why technology like Steem can serve as a valuable tool for this new future. We can verify, by key signature and personal representation, that the ideas being expressed are being represented from the holder of an account that you can identify with. While this only goes so far, it allows us the opportunity to exist in a world where it's not just Us that are communicating.

It makes it far more interesting if you extrapolate out to determine that we may already be existing in a form of a simulation. I often remember my grandmother talking how it was easy to believe that the government's technology is 70 years beyond what we can see. If that's the case then they've long held the tools to take us into a simulation that far exceeds what we know as reality. Question then becomes, if they have, how would you go about leaving?

So happy to see you guys with people powered Blockchain STEEM

I'm so happy to see you here posting @truthstreammedia!

Scary video...the creation of people that don't exist, that can speak, who even needs crisis actors after that?

Another thought is just to get out to the garden, get into the forest, stay connected to nature as much as possible!

I love your guys' videos. Keep up the great work!

Welcome to the Steem blockchain reignition. Steempunk Radio broadcasts our knew weigh, would be pleased to chat with you for a coupla hours ... 4 the Thyme being.
Loved the minds of men, good work.

It's great to see you guys on steemit! Love your work, you always bring teachable stuff into the collective! keep doing what you're doing, and welcome to the platform. <3

Welcome to Steem... Finally 👍

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Holy sh@т)

Fantastic to see you post on steem - great videos

They've sold the elites transhumanism, so they're still selling it
The rest of us are being replace by the machines and are encouraged to spay or transition our kids.
It's awesome you do what you do, see what you see and share it in a way people can consume.
The only thing that makes the darkness bearable is each other.

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