60 Seconds of Steem: STEEM is EVERYWHERE for EVERYONE / Unique.Esprit

6개월 전

I'm proud to present you my 60 second advertisement for Steem!
Take a look, it's worth it …
Ich bin stolz euch meine 60 Sekunden Werbung für Steem zu päsentieren!
Schaut es euch an, es lohnt sich...

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is it possible to use this on steemcasting? -- if so can you fill this out so i have permission to useit -- http://smarturl.it/steemcasting-ok -- i'll be going around asking all the #sixtysecond massive -- i'm hoping to get a block of sixty to play out in at a variety of times in the day! :)

Voll cool 👍


Danke danke :-)

I share to twitter 👏👏


Thanks a lot for your support!

Wow, very nice footage you got here. I love it❤️. Keep steeming! Im with you!

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thanks a lot for your support, i Keep going on whit Posting pics on share2steem. because to make Videos is soo big work, thats the problem

Hi, I'm currently completing a survey for my dissertation! The survey is largely to do with comparing social media platforms (SMP); and see if there's a significant difference in the way we perceive and use blockchain based SMPs against internet based SMPs. It'd be very much appreciated if you could complete it!!! FYI: it takes around 5 minutes per SMP! It's at your liberty to select one or multiple!


Thank you!!