steemVote Update #002 - [DTube Video] Explaining How The Application Works

8개월 전

Hello guys,
first sorry for my bad english XD, I don't really good with speaking english.

today is the second week of steemvote update (#002),
and today we have an explanation video, which is my first time on dtube.
the video explaining all of the features of the application currently, which is:

  • Adding Account To The Curation List
  • Edit Account On The Curation List
  • Delete Account From The List
  • Watch The Profile
  • Sending Vote When Account On The List Posting

Currently Update

  • Bug Fixes
  • revoke the token when logging out (cause voting rounds to not work) - Fixed
  • minor changes at the HTML side
  • transaction blocks stream shutted down every few mins (now it's restarting when shutdown) - Fixed

Next Week

In the next week I will redesign the whole project,
I hope I will release the Alpha test,
I will start working on the AlphaB + flag system.

stay tuned for next update, follow - upvote - comment @lonelywolf!

▶️ DTube
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