Longboard Progress #11

2년 전

Just another longboard practice during the weekend. Still working on that cross-step before I can move on to pivot. Steps are also still clumsy and messy.
But definitely getting much more comfortable on the board. Although, I think maybe my trucks is too lose? But gotta keep practicing and will slowly learn more steps and tricks.
I'm also thinking of finding a new skating spot. One that I can fly the drone at.
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One of the things i found that helped me do steps like this smoother, was strengthening my ankle balance. Best way I've leared was to roll as far as I could on one foot, and do it with both ankles. Make sure you keep you foot at a slight angle so you steer with one foot, then practice doing small carves on one foot.
Once you get used to that, it should be much easier to do smooth cross steps, because you will be stable on either one of you feet, no matter the position.
Good luck, and keep practicing!

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Uuu thanks for the tips! I will try that next time!

  ·  2년 전

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