Dream by Veritanuda

2년 전

After being inspired by Priscilla's Poem, @yidneth, about her waking dream I was reminded of a poem I wrote a few years ago. Maybe not as evocative and certainly not so polished.

But I promised I would share it and so here it is. I asked an artist friend of mine to help put the words to images and personally I love what she has done.

I hope you do too.



Sleep washes over like a tide of fate

Waves of fatigue do hold me down

My thoughts do slip, the hour is late

My face does relax, gone is my frown.

I am carried off on night's moonbeam

Carried to places so far from thought

Where even brave men dare to dream

Those better than I, hearts are caught

Taken to places beyond conscious thought

Confused by places and what they might mean

With things downside up and not as they ought

With anything possible in this world of dream

But through it all, one hope does stay true

One thought it does cling despite all my sins

That beneath the strangeness the truth is you

That you make me dream, make me see all things

You make me want to be asleep in your arms

Make me want to be helpless and weak

Capture me with your grace and your charms

Inspire my passions whenever you speak.

Each night we talk only a little, it's true

But a little is enough even for us

For you to know me and me to know you

To build up a bed of mutual trust.

Dare I to hope you might hold me the same

Perhaps yet maybe it could still be true

That you smile as you sleep on hearing my name

That you dare to dream dreams of me too

Sleep well my dream and take it from me

You do more to my heart than give it some rest

You are my nights muse, as anyone can see

As inspiration goes you are some of the best.


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Thank you for the mention and I'm glad it inspired to write your own poetry.Blessings!


Not inspired. Reminded. I wrote it about 10 years ago maybe more. I am just shy in sharing my work as they tend to be personally inspired and so are often directed at someone rather than something. But still the muse does with me what she will and I cannot control what comes or how good it will be.

But you encouraged me to come out and share, something I never really have done very much online. I like Steemit because it has a chance to remain for as long as the blockchain is shared and if it comes to it I can save the blockchain for myself and pass that along as a legacy.

Ether way, thank you for the nudge and thank your for your appreciation. I am not looking for adulation only admiration.



I can tell that you have been writing a long time you have a gift for words, congratulations, even if you don't seek admiration it is indeed my pleasure to tell you so, I'm foreign so what I meant is that I'm glad it inspired actually to do the post :) and grateful of the mention. You should share more of them as you are very gifted in it. It's not really because we need approval as an artist and strange as it is I create for myself as a way to heal my spirit :) All the best


Yes since I was 12 I have been writing poems and that was a long time ago now. For sure you do not have to thank me for the mention it is my pleasure and privilege to know you and your work. Really it is I who feels lucky.

I have thought of posting more just like any blog posts they need to be visually appealing as well as good reading. It is why I am shy to present things. I am just graphically a novice. I have a few artist friends but always feel guilty taking up their time with my silly poetry. We shall see.

You have a good day too and hope we can engage in more musings anon.



Our spirits always find ways to express themselves... I used to write when younger and in many ways I still consider my own songs poetry. About the imagery, there are many sites like pixabay that allows you to surf and they list hundreds of pictures with a ccoo license, you can use this pictures to start or even merge then into your own creations. Have a good day as well! :)